What are you doing?!?!

It’s easy to be misinformed on many things, and so you continue to do bad things until you learn otherwise. Then you get people who just have no common sense and need it drilled into them over and over, and thirdly you get the OCD types who do things obsessively (like needing poker straight hair 24/7) despite knowing how damaging and irritating the seemingly “harmless” habit is.
Okay so I may not be able to cure you if it’s that bad, but it’s time to at least feel ashamed of these bad habits if that’s what it takes to get you to stop- after all you need to change your mindset to change your behaviour.
Whatever your habit (or obsession) may be, it’s time to put a stop to all that bs, you are doing accumulative -if not instant- damage, plus wasting your time.

I rate how bad these habits are from one star (which is minor) to five (which is disgraceful).


oh man, this is the worst habit. For some reason people think this is okay, because some people who would otherwise seem pretty intelligent do this. Despite me telling them not to, as it clogs the shower – I mean badly- so that within 60 seconds you’re standing in a tepid, sudsy bath of filth. You need to stop showering for 5 minutes or deal with standing in gutter water. That is not cool.
It is really offensive not only to you every time you wanna take a shower, but everyone else who uses the shower. You see, brushing wet hair in itself is a huge no-no since hair becomes insanely weak when it is engorged with water, as you should of noticed by now if you have every brushed it wet. it falls out in clumps- clumps that become everyone’s business.
So wet hair at anytime is bad, but especially when it’s going to clog a drain pipe. If you wanna grow your mane, you may want to stop ripping it out.


Listerine and brushing is bad, I assumed its because the stuff is just way way too acidic. It removes the enamel from your teeth and wears them away. I recently asked my dentist this question and he said “That is true, I wouldn’t use it.”
It’s good for soaking dentures in, it’s great for throat infections from a cold or sinus infection, and it’s useful when you don’t have time to brush and you need to quickly get rid of morning breath (until you have time to brush of course) but only occasionally. It can probably also be used once you HAVE brushed that day, and are running out the door*, but basically i wouldn’t make a habit of it, and i also would never ever substitute it for brushing.
It’s not really your fault for not knowing since the bastards lie to us. It’s kind of cruel actually, despite knowing it’s bad for people they sell it to us anyway, like it’s perfectly okay. You don’t need to get rid of mouth germs daily, you need some germs in there.

When you are drinking, try to not brush immediately beforehand. I eat, brush in the morning, then eat again, then if I’m going out that night and i’m home, I have drinks, then brush as i’m about to leave. I try to not brush THEN drink, the acid will just eat at your teeth. The rule is that when you brush your teeth, you should always do it after putting stuff in your mouth, not before (unless you need to, like meeting a friend for breakfast). That way, during breakfast or whatever  meal it is, your teeth have a protective coating on them. Clearly this doesn’t apply to dinner dates, but don’t over brush, it’s not good.

-THINKING MOISTURIZER PROTECTS YOUR SKIN (4 or 5 stars, depending on the situation)

Are you crazy? Moisturizer doesn’t do anything long term anyway, let alone protect it from the sun. It’s just vaseline stuff and water basically.
I know a 17 year old, fair, Redheaded, blue eyed chick, and last week she was outside with a sunburn and a sleeveless boob tube on a 36 degree day, all day, and she was burnt. BURNT. In comparison, I am not as fair, and  was wearing sunscreen under my t-shirt and a hat. My heart ached seeing her pain, and i was also confused at why she had worn that outfit while we’d been outside for 4 hours. I said her burn looks painful (as they are) and said I hope she is wearing sunscreen. She said she got burnt yesterday and no, she just has moisturiser on so it’s ok.
NO, it’s NOT okay, she was burnt already, she is young and very pale, and sunburn takes a while to appear, so when she goes home it would of flared up into a painful burn before she realised what she had done.
That was a bad case of ignorance, and I felt bad for her, her mum obviously said nothing to her, and her parents clearly haven’t taught her anything even though she needs the advice more than anyone (your child is a redhead, hello?). She will age quickly and will develop cancer one day- most people in Australia do (1 in 3, YEP), and since she is also extra fair and often does this all the time, well.. it’s definate.

People are really uninformed about the sun in Australia, despite having the highest rates of skin cancer in the world (1 in 3 people is huge). We also are four time more likely to get skin cancer than any other type. Think about it, black people lived here, we are white. It is not natural for us to be here, but being born here and growing up here, it’s natural for us to forget this.
If you are badly burnt before turning 11, your chances of developing cancer double. Well I was badly burnt twice before then, so that’s why I am so careful now and wish I had known that before tanning in high school. Lots of people in my family have skin cancer, some died from it, so it’s pretty scary. Oh, and so is looking OLD and leathery. Don’t be stupid about it, especially if you grew up here.


This is so easy to do, I am an offender too. I’m too busy, too tired, too whatever. But it can cause eye infections like a sty, I learnt this recently. It’s not very bad for me, it was impossible to detect, and very tiny even when I lift my eyelid up, and I continue to wear eye makeup (it’s nearly gone), but can be bad for some people. Olive oil is great for removing eye makeup.


This is an easy trap to fall into, but don’t be fooled by the idea. The same thing that makes it water proof dries your lashes out, and is hard to remove, which makes it worse, and is why your lashes break and fall out. You do not need water proof mascara for everyday wear. My mascara has never run from sweating in the heat, dancing, not even the gym. Even crying actually doesn’t destroy my makeup, if anything my eyeliner wipes off and my mascara stays perfect. So why bother with the hard stuff?


To put it into perspective, I would say that over brushing and rarely straightening is just as bad as straightening everyday (Iv’e seen a girls healthy tresses be destroyed by her OCD brushing in high school, yikes). Don’t yank at your hair, don’t brush quick and rough, because hair falls out faster than it grows back. This may surprise some of you, but otherwise it’s pretty obvious.
You want to try and preserve the graveyard of keratin that dangles from your head, that’s all it is. Especially if it’s brittle and weak. What’s the purpose of using all this expensive product to supposedly “strengthen hair” if you’re going to yank it out anyway? Oh, so it counteracts the violence you put it through? Well, no amount of thinly spread moisture can ever match the strength of your arm muscles and a brush. It’s just hair, not a Spiderman Web (even though that’s what Price Attack tells you). This gets 3 stars, because while it’s very very dumb like the shower brushing (How do you people not notice your hair thinning?) it’s an old myth that can get handed down carelessly too.

-OVER STRAIGHTENING: Once is enough! (5 stars)

Like over brushing, this is torture to your hair.
If you want your hair to grow, or simply be shiny and nice looking, don’t screw it up with hot irons.
When I straighten (which rare these days, maybe once every 10 weeks), I never put my irons over 170 celcius, and usually keep it lower. I know it sounds like a joke, as if “being careful” consists of scorching my poor strands with what probably feels like the surface of Venus, but 170 is definitely hot enough, why make it hotter? Every precaution adds up. Straightening is bad enough anyway so I try to avoid it, and if I do I go over my hair once. Don’t get all OCD about it. It is not necessary to over straighten simply because we are not in the tropics and our climate is perfect for keeping hair in place. We are in one of the driest climates in the world, so why damage the same spot over and over for the sake of it? Hair can’t get any straighter hon, and frankly why would you need it to? It’s not like people will freak if they see a kink in your hair or anything.
5 stars because it’s so damaging to your hair, wastes SO MUCH POWER, is a fire hazard, and pisses off your friends who have to deal with you taking forever, and hogging the straightener, and then complaining about your hair all night asking if it’s wavy (are you insane), and leaving someone else’s straightener on secretly so you can “use it again later” umm… excuse me?


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