It’s always useful to remember…

* Wash your makeup brushes every few weeks. Use hot water and shampoo, nothing fancy. Forget conditioner, it’s a synthetic brush, not human hair.

* Keep your makeup sealed tightly. Oxygen is the devil- apparently even to us, ironically (it ages us!). But let’s not get too deep about it here, i’ll get anxious, and possibly age even faster.

*Keep pillow cases clean, wash your pillowcases often and change them. Same for your towels, and avoid the breakouts.

*Apply an oil treatment on damaged hair when you can, and leave it on for as long as you can. Protect your strands from snapping off.

*Exfoliate your face twice a week or more depending on oil production, and entire body once or twice a week too.

*Paw paw ointment works on patches of really dry skin on your face- TLC with no nasty outbreaks! Yay!

*If you go swimming, wet your hair with fresh water first (if nothing better is on hand) so the salt or chlorine doesn’t engorge it.

*Sugar is addictive, once you start it’s hard to stop! Be prepared to fight cravings later to avoid getting on a slippery slope. How do I know? Because this week I bought a bag of mars bars, 2 bags of maltesers, a bag of M&Ms, a bag of lollies, and bag of honey popcorn and two bags of chips and have been eating them everyday, mindlessly. Then yesterday I got chocolate mud cake and cream (for kicks) and have eaten pieces yesterday and today. BE WARNED.
Normally I’m not a sugar person, but wow, it’s easy to make yourself one. Eat fruit and yogurt with honey instead, it’s yummier.


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