Summer 2012

Sunscreen 30+ Broad Spectrum (Micro Mineral, the thick stuff)
A hat
Facial scrubs (to rid the oil and sweat that’s going to build up in the heat, and to wash off the sunscreen)

Anything; 20’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, probably the 80’s… things that suit you and aren’t out of your price range
Vintage-look Swimwear- high waists, boylegs, sweetheart halters
Ruffled, crochet or digital print swimwear.
Round and cat eye glasses
Soft curls or pixie hair cuts
Highwaisted cuts
Floor length dresses and skirts
Blouses and silks
Bright colours (if you are into that kinda thing.. seems to be the same trend every summer)

Pale skin, tans, long hair, short hair…. almost anything goes

70’s wide brimmed hats
Cat eye glasses (I have reading glasses and sunnies) and finally they have caught on!
No fuss hair
The colour black
The Marie Antoinette Diet: Eating too much yummy food these days, and not feeling guilty. “Shorts or food? Shorts or food? Food. ”  Iv’e eaten a lot of chocolate everyday (including now) aswell as other crap… but fuck it, I’m not going to an oscar event anytime soon – having a long term relationship and spending most of your time inside doing homework, food will always seem like a more logical option when there is no reason/or person to look skinny for.   As my dad said: “Extra kilos and a happy disposition is better than a skinny, moody girl. You are more attractive being happy and chubby than grumpy and thin.”  So if I’m happy, I can eat this and look good? awesome.   Girls, if being super skinny doesn’t happen naturally then fuck it, the effort is not worth it. Just be a normal weight. Guys really don’t care.

Undie-shorts. Seen way too many girls (about 50 in one place, one night, and everyday since then) wearing really short-shorts/underwear and tiny skirts (barely covering their butt), especially paired with platform shoes. It’s like being in a room of bratzdolls.
Deep Tanning or orange fake tans
ALL of the above at once..
Tiny clothes paired with socks and thick boots… If it’s really that hot, boots aren’t the way to go.

PLACES TO BE/THINGS TO DO (according to my own tastes)
Cleaning out your home or room/computer/wardrobe/phone, re freshing it for summer and clearing old mental energy
At home playing the new Zelda game
The garden, with a book
The pub on a weekend
Alcohol free night in, Watching movies and pigging out in aircon, giving your skin a break from the sunrays and the booze
Alcohol fuelled night in (unless you are a dangerous, crazy person) with a sketchbook or notepad and/or movies and food just to see what you can achieve with your energy whilst at home..
Bike riding or running at the beach when the mood strikes
Champagne during lunch
Beach at night




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