Monthly Archives: July 2011

I must have it…

Today I saw a pretty young woman around my age wearing a cream colored scarf, I liked the way she looked and thought “I have to get myself a traditional cream colored scarf. Why didn’t I think of it sooner?!”
Then I remembered I already wanted a magenta one, because it’s bright, suits my skin tones and blue eyes and I don’t own anything magenta yet.  I also want a short purple jacket, a long red jacket, a red handbag and a tiny purple handbag, grey lace ups, and red heels, which I haven’t brought yet. Stuff In navy, purple and red, anything will do. Every time I think of wearing these I imagine myself much more confident and content, and therefore can focus more on other things than aquiring more. Cause usually once you have something you want something new, right?
Not so.
Then I remembered all of these past mistakes and thought of everything I already have, including a white scarf, and other similar items that are just as good. While all this extra stuff in other colours would be nice, right now it just seems ridiculous since I want to save up for a car and a holiday. Every item of clothing added up will end up costing nearly 1000 dollars if I spend frugally at best. Clothes aren’t cheap in Perth.

I remembered that scene in the movie Confessions of a Shopaholic (and I only watched the first 30 minutes) where the leading protaganist wanted to buy a green scarf she couldn’t afford, and in persuasion she imagined herself making an impact on everyone around her, being the “Girl in the green scarf” which we all do when thinking of buying something; we personalize it. Despite the fact you are wearing a bunch of other things you once loved, you forget they are there and want something else.
The reason we buy things is because we think whatever we have already isn’t good enough.

What about your hair, body, unique face, (wear the clothes you have already) and your personality? That kind of thing is much more important  and leaves a lasting impression. The clothes just frame what’s already there.
If you can afford something and have mastered your body and face and hair and personalty, then go for it, but most of us have too much stuff already, much that is unworn, and are not focusing enough on ourselves, or the bigger problem- so we distract ourselves by shopping (I do) to feel empowered.
We think if we cover up with a piece of clothing we will be more endearing to others, but it’s not true.

Clothes really don’t mean all that much after saying Hi to a person. Most of the time you won’t even think about what someone is wearing after initial contact. It’s probably better to not spend on new boots, and shout a friend lunch or a drink- they will appreciate that more than your new shoes I think, and remember it for longer.
Keep that in mind next time you are shopping- do you need this? I think most of us are pretty attractive just as we are.  Whatever obstacles you face you can do it as you are.