Scarlett Johanson, how to get incredibly shiny hair and nude makeup

Scarlett Johanson’s new dark red hair is gorgeous! I think prefer it over her blonde as it looks striking with her eyes. Sometimes it’s wavy or curly, but it looks good either way on her. I think she dyed it for a new movie, but who cares either way it looks great.   Dark red hair always shines really nicely to, and if you can maintain the colour it’s easy to keep it healthy looking over lighter shades of blonde hair.

Apple cider vinegar works incredibly well as a rinse (you can use white vinegar for blondes), it makes hair clean and shiny, strengthens the hair shaft and gets rid of product build up using the main ingredient Acetic acid, without being harsh like shampoo can be. It also is a great natural cure for dandruff.
WARNING: It can strip hair of colour -apparently- so it works best on non-colour treated hair, but I haven’t had any problems with it myself. Depends how strong your hair colour is, if it’s bright purple I’d suggest against it. besides it’s only advised you use it once a week on average so it wouldn’t strip hair any more than a normal shampoo does. (oh and if you are scared of stripping colour, NEVER use the harsh shampoo head and shoulders, I have made that mistake before and ruined my colour.)

To use it, shampoo your hair lightly using a NON SLS shampoo (like natural instinct, $8) and then pour vinegar over your hair and leave it for about 1 minute. Just be careful not to pour it over your head and then shave your legs because it will get in your eyes and sting like hell. Then condition as normal and presto you have shiny and very clean hair !   Feel free to straighten your hair like Scarletts has been or just dry naturally.
(next is makeup)
To complete this literally fresh look, you will need:
Foundation (yellow based)
Light pink or hot pink blush (MAC or Clinique is good but whatever you have is fine)
Light brown and orange/gold eyeshadow
Liquid eyeliner
Light eyeshadow in a pearly colour
Face powder ..of course
Liquid eyeliner
Pink or nude lipstick
Definitely lip pencil and lipgloss.
To look more like Scarlett, have soft, round shaped eyebrows like hers, with no harsh arch.

This is a very basic procedure you can do in under 10 minutes:
1. Cover your face (especially over eyelids and under eyes to cover dark circles) in foundation and powder to set. Your eyeshadow will cling to the powder and have a clean canvas. You look like a ghost now, but that only means your makeup will look good when it’s applied so fear not.
2. Now dust the pearl eyeshadow from lash to eyebrow.
3. Dust the dark brown/brown along the brow bone. If you’re tanned dark brown is good, but if you are fair orangey brown is great. Anything not too harsh, and the orange and gold will make blue and green eyes pop.
4. Put the gold or white colour under the eye.
5. Dust the pearly, white colour on your lid so it’s colour is quite noticeable.
6. Run liquid eyeliner from corner to the outer edge. If you are inexperienced, do not start from the very inner corner, start from where the colour in your eye begins. Use a black kohl liner (rub it on the back of your hand to warm it up first) and then go over it with the liquid. If you only have kohl then just leave it at the kohl.
7. Use LOTS of mascara and wiggle it on, not stroke.
8. Apply Blush from the apples, blending under the cheekbone in a sweeping motion.
9. apply foundation and a pink lipstick to your lips. MYTH by MAC is the best colour, I highly recommend this!!
10. Now apply lipliner in a peachy colour around your lips and finish with clear or light pink lipgloss.

11. brush your eyebrows back with a browbrush or a toothbrush.


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