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Beauty Can Be Defined By Correct Mathematical Equations?

We all know that trends come and go, and weight, skin colour and hair trends vary across different cultures, but what do those beautiful people around the world all have in common? It’s a curious question that gets you thinking “at the end of the day, can beauty really be measured?” Apparently it can. A beautiful face and even a great body all comes down to mathematics. It’s not even about height or weight, it’s all about proportions.  It’s called the Golden Ratio.
Throughout all of the attempts to determine the rules of facial attractiveness, conclusions have finally been reached. Eric Haseltine claimed that the distance from the chin to the eyebrows in an “ideal” face divides the face in a Golden Ratio. The same claim came from an orthodontist called Lowey. He says the reason we deem certain people as “beautiful” is because their face is closer to the Golden Ratio. So, if a face is in proportion and is symmetrical, we are more likely to find it beautiful.

I should mention that I hate maths. I find it so boring because it requires little to no creativity at all, it’s all about rules- but I wish a teacher had told me long ago that’s also why it is soimportant, and I might of been more interested. Maths is the best way of measuring certainty and therefore truth-  and everything in our world can be reduced to maths, even music.  Every time I hear numbers I just phase out. So it will be tough for me to explain exactly what the measurements of the face and body should be, however because I’m a much much more visually-orientated person I just try to imprint an image of what the measurements looks like.

For the rest of you, Consider this:

1 x8 + 1 = 9

12 x 8 +2 = 98

123 x 8 + 3 = 987

1234 x 8 + 4 = 9876

12345 x 8 + 5 = 98765

123456 x 8 + 6 = 987654

1234567 x 8 + 7 = 9876543

1234 5678x 8 + 8 = 98765432

123456789 x 8 + 9 = 987654321

=Beauty of Mathematics.

I might dislike numbers, but lucky other people love them- otherwise we would be in trouble.   Mathematics is the foundation for everything that functions. Furniture, houses, clothes, computers -as we know, but also living organisms, from our limbs and organs to our faces. It makes things function properly and evenly. It was one the groundbreaking human realizations that shaped our future and turned us into a logical and functioning society, and many early philosophers decided that everything in life was made up of Mathematics. They were onto something. 

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So while it came as a pleasant surprise, it was always innately obvious that even aesthetic beauty can be reduced to numbers. That’s right, even though beauty and aesthetics have long been linked to the “creative” side of our brain, it’s wrong. We may create new ‘twists’ on what is already beautiful, but they all come down to simple equations that are locked in our head from birth.
True Beauty is about symmetry and not social conditioning- the more symmetrical a person’s body and face is, the healthier they are on the inside! Even babies know what is beautiful and what is not. They respond positively to well-proportioned faces and revel at ugly ones. Being naturally superficial is our defense mechanism for mating, being able to decipher who will be able to deliver a healthy offspring and who won’t. Just like we have always examined the smell and sight of foods to tell if it is poison, we encounter other humans in the same fashion.

It’s something that you always kinds knew yet didn’t really realize. I certainly had no clue that Mathematical equations helped me decide between what is right and wrong my whole life.
Look around your room now at the objects in it, bottles, your phone, stereo, computer, mirror, fan, bed, hats, skirts, lamps, glasses, hairspray cans, plates, toothbrushes, the vaccumm, Tv, or your clothes, and your body, EVERYTHING!  It’s the same on both sides. I always kind of took that for granted. You could say that Maths wasn’t invented, it was discovered. Lucky we did discover it, because we have used it to build on and create everything in our world.

Dr. Marquaadt developed this map of facial symmetry to measure beauty. Applied to all faces considered beautiful, it fit perfectly. Some beautiful faces didn’t fit perfectly, but no face considered “ugly” fit, if you get what I mean. Amazing huh? You could try it on your own face and see how you measure up.


Be the best YOU you can be (part 3). There is only one of you after all.

This weeks topic on “being true to yourself” is going to be a little rant about our societies rampant Celebrity culture and how surprised I am that at nearly 22, just how many of my peers are STILL openly idolizing celebrities like they are 13. There is a difference between copying someone’s style and then trying to actually BE someone else, as though they are the Pope. Celebrities kind of are the new Religious figures, let’s be honest here. But they are NOT Holier than Thou.

This resonates strongly with me : It’s better to be a first rate version of yourself, rather than a second rate version of someone else.
Living in a world where celebrities culture is heavily drenched on us, it’s easy to get caught up in it. But remember you are not a celebrity, so while Peaches Geldoff, Paris Hilton, Kate Moss, Kim Kardashian, Ke$ha and Kelly Osbourne can fuck up, you don’t have a million dollar empire to fall back on, so us regular-folk should just stick to emulating the brat-packs fashion tastes and not their wild child ways once we reach adult hood. Adult hood is the real world, and the real world is awesome, why pretend to live in Hollywood? or the even more contemporary, Bristol?

On my journey towards full fledged adulthood, I understand there are things I must do to be taken seriously. I believe it is important to draw the line between idolizing a person, and then admiring their attributes. Of course I still admire people for things, but I do realize they are just people and I don’t know them, so why put them on a pedestal? A celebrity may be hot, but to have her hair style you don’t also need to adopt her personality.
When you are a teenager or pre-teen, it’s perfectly normal to idolize celebrities and icons but once you reach the age of 20, you should be past it. By this stage you should of come to terms with who you are and what you like, and have a broad spectrum of all different tastes and interests. Sometimes you admire this celeb for their style, sometimes that one for their achievements. For example I think the Olsen twins have cool style, and I think Michelle Williams seems like a grounded, nice person. I think Amanda Seyfried has gorgeous hair, skin and makeup, and Clemence Poesy is just all round awesome. Then there’s writers, artists and film makers who I admire for everything else- the way they speak, act and their views on life. Christopher Hitchens has the coolest way of speaking ever and can retort anyone on just about anything in a debate. I would love to be as intellectual as him, but in order to do that it doesn’t require I take up smoking too.
I also look to my friends for good qualities I like that I would like to have too. I look everywhere for inspiration, instead of to one person, similar to the way one might look to one religion for all the answers.

Celebrities are not perfect, you need to take some qualities from everywhere and adapt them to suit you.
If I acted like the girls from Jersey Shore (we all know of at least one person who falls victim to this) it would be a tragedy. Those people are tragic anyway- I figure the purpose of the show is to make fun of them, so when you see people emulating them and taking it seriously you have to shake your head. At least the people who imitate the fictional characters from Skins look stylish. It’s still sad though. I thought role-playing stopped in primary school… How wrong I was!

I look to people and celebrities now and then if I need some inspiration. But I don’t model myself on their behavior and I would never have their photo as my facebook profile picture- I mean how obvious do you need to be? Isn’t it kind of shameful that you are trying to be someone else? It’s announcing that you have no creativity or original ideas at all, you just spend all day asking yourself “What would the Kardashians do?” which is irrelevant.  You are not them after all- you are in a different country, come from a different background and everything you have is perfectly unique to you. So you have to be yourself.  You probably need a real job, for a start.

Being trashy, constantly drunk, referring to yourself as a VIP, and being rude might work for celebrities because they are incredibly rich and respected by suckers, but when a “nobody” starts giving attitude and trying to emulate someone famous- It just doesn’t translate in the real world. To me they just come across like douchebags.  So don’t be a douchebag. Be humble, be realistic and be caring towards others. At least admire the kind, down to earth, natural-looking celebrities if you have to admire someone.

Scarlett Johanson, how to get incredibly shiny hair and nude makeup

Scarlett Johanson’s new dark red hair is gorgeous! I think prefer it over her blonde as it looks striking with her eyes. Sometimes it’s wavy or curly, but it looks good either way on her. I think she dyed it for a new movie, but who cares either way it looks great.   Dark red hair always shines really nicely to, and if you can maintain the colour it’s easy to keep it healthy looking over lighter shades of blonde hair.

Apple cider vinegar works incredibly well as a rinse (you can use white vinegar for blondes), it makes hair clean and shiny, strengthens the hair shaft and gets rid of product build up using the main ingredient Acetic acid, without being harsh like shampoo can be. It also is a great natural cure for dandruff.
WARNING: It can strip hair of colour -apparently- so it works best on non-colour treated hair, but I haven’t had any problems with it myself. Depends how strong your hair colour is, if it’s bright purple I’d suggest against it. besides it’s only advised you use it once a week on average so it wouldn’t strip hair any more than a normal shampoo does. (oh and if you are scared of stripping colour, NEVER use the harsh shampoo head and shoulders, I have made that mistake before and ruined my colour.)

To use it, shampoo your hair lightly using a NON SLS shampoo (like natural instinct, $8) and then pour vinegar over your hair and leave it for about 1 minute. Just be careful not to pour it over your head and then shave your legs because it will get in your eyes and sting like hell. Then condition as normal and presto you have shiny and very clean hair !   Feel free to straighten your hair like Scarletts has been or just dry naturally.
(next is makeup)
To complete this literally fresh look, you will need:
Foundation (yellow based)
Light pink or hot pink blush (MAC or Clinique is good but whatever you have is fine)
Light brown and orange/gold eyeshadow
Liquid eyeliner
Light eyeshadow in a pearly colour
Face powder ..of course
Liquid eyeliner
Pink or nude lipstick
Definitely lip pencil and lipgloss.
To look more like Scarlett, have soft, round shaped eyebrows like hers, with no harsh arch.

This is a very basic procedure you can do in under 10 minutes:
1. Cover your face (especially over eyelids and under eyes to cover dark circles) in foundation and powder to set. Your eyeshadow will cling to the powder and have a clean canvas. You look like a ghost now, but that only means your makeup will look good when it’s applied so fear not.
2. Now dust the pearl eyeshadow from lash to eyebrow.
3. Dust the dark brown/brown along the brow bone. If you’re tanned dark brown is good, but if you are fair orangey brown is great. Anything not too harsh, and the orange and gold will make blue and green eyes pop.
4. Put the gold or white colour under the eye.
5. Dust the pearly, white colour on your lid so it’s colour is quite noticeable.
6. Run liquid eyeliner from corner to the outer edge. If you are inexperienced, do not start from the very inner corner, start from where the colour in your eye begins. Use a black kohl liner (rub it on the back of your hand to warm it up first) and then go over it with the liquid. If you only have kohl then just leave it at the kohl.
7. Use LOTS of mascara and wiggle it on, not stroke.
8. Apply Blush from the apples, blending under the cheekbone in a sweeping motion.
9. apply foundation and a pink lipstick to your lips. MYTH by MAC is the best colour, I highly recommend this!!
10. Now apply lipliner in a peachy colour around your lips and finish with clear or light pink lipgloss.

11. brush your eyebrows back with a browbrush or a toothbrush.