Makeup for Pale Skin (The toughest shade to master)

Pale skin can be hard to makeup, you don’t want to look like a clown after all! Colors come up way too strong, and just don’t blend as well on white skin. Most brands do not cater for pale skin because most people do not have it, so selling is limited understandably. Most “Ivory” foundations are still too dark for pale skins. I have searched everywhere for the right makeup and only just now starting to figure it all out myself. So here’s the lowdown:

These are the brands that do support the Minority:
Any Clinique foundations in Alabaster.
Cover girl Foundation in shade 405, ivory. That stuff is PALE. you won’t look orange and gives great coverage, unlike Revlon’s super pale anti ageing makeup which is too slippery.
Revlon’s Colorstay in Ivory is generally another good match, but not as pale as Covergirl, which is also cheaper.
Clinique Translucent Loose Powder to finish off.

MAC in Pink Swoon.  I LOVE this blush, but costs 46 dollars. Any soft pink blush is great though.

It’s really up to you. I prefer light shades myself, my preference being Myth by MAC ($36) and any pale pink lipgloss. Cover girl’s lip tints for juicy red lips or just used as a liner, are perfect and stay on your lips for hours.  This all depends on if you are cool or warm- I am cool and purple hued lipshades suit me over reds. Dark purple actually looks incredible with pale skin.

Black can be done, but not too much- no no.
Brown shadow and silver eyeshadow is best, and gold is gorgeous too. Stay away from bright colours.
Purple, Silver eyeliner or grey eyeliner, is what you should use over black eyeliner. Brown is also quite flattering.
Mascara should be black. Keep it simple.
Fill in your eyebrows and keep them groomed. Avoid looking pasty by mastering the brow. Go darker if you want definition, but don’t go too crazy if you are a blonde. Black brows and dark hair with pale skin looks nice, but colour doesn’t matter as long as they are neat.

Of course you can choose how dramatic your makeup will be. Minimal eye makeup looks great in the day, leaving the focus to lips and skin. Eyes will stand out with heavy eye makeup on, just decide what look you want before you start painting and it will turn out fine. Don’t do heavy lips and super heavy eyes- it’s too much.


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