The IDEAL Look, easy steps.

This look is fit for royalty- so it will be fit for anyone. Kate Middleton is beautiful, has great style and obviously looked immaculate on her wedding day, and well, she does everyday! So who else to use as a Muse for the “Ideal” makeup look. It’s a little more than basic, but a lot more natural than the “smouldering” look. It’s probably my favorite ‘every day’ makeup look for when I’m in a rush and never fails.

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Kate Middleton’s makeup for her wedding inspired me to write this simple post- her makeup was done by herself, and it’s easy to do- looks striking and demure and suits most people.  To the untrained eye it’s useful to have someone point out exactly what it is that she used, so you can re create it yourself.
Basically it’s a good reference to a standard application that will look good anywhere, and takes no time to master.

You Need:
Eyebrow brush
Smokey eyeshadow (pewter or silvery black)
Brown eyeshadow and brush
pink blush
Black eyeliner
White eyeliner
Lipstick in pink/nude
Obviously Foundation, powder and Mascara- you can’t wear face makeup without a base, or eye makeup without mascara.

1. Do your base; wash face, cover face with foundation, powder on. (Loose powder is a bride’s best friend and, according to Barbara Daly, who did Princess Diana’s wedding day make-up, it’s the most important item in the beauty kit.)
2.Apply brown eyeshadow from lid to the hollows to create shadow. blend…   You need brown eyeshadow, you can’t use black and have it look natural or as flattering without a brown shadow to help it along- black alone can be too harsh.
3. apply eyeliner around your eye. around! Kate went all the way to the inner corner, but stop when your lashes do. Usually thats a few millimeters from the inner corner.  Smudge it with a thin eyeshadow brush, and if you have it, apply nude eyeshadow under the eye to avoid any black smudging.    Wide set eyes can be brought closer with black eyeliner, or close set and tired eyes can be opened by not rimming the inner corners with black.
4. Rim White eyeliner around your inner eye.
5. Softly appy the grey/black shadow over your lid, in a thin sweep. Not all over the lid, but halfway, so the eyeliner sets.
6. Reapply eyeliner that may have rubbed off. MAC Blitz and Glitz, preferably.
7. Apply bronzer to the temples, forehead and under your cheekbones and jaw.
8. apply the blush on your cheeks.
9. Fill in your brows and neatly brush them into place. Kate’s are brushed upwards and looks good, but depending on your face shape make sure it suits you. Brows are important, they frame your face. Kate looked like she had a professional eyebrow shape a few days before the wedding. Her brows looked more defined, darker than usual and she probably used a fine pencil to draw in a little more shape.
10. Mascara! always the last thing to apply so powder doesn’t catch your eyelashes.
11. Lipstick (soft lipliner will help) and lipgloss, in a soft pink or nude- timeless and flattering.

Wah la, this makeup look doesn’t age in photos and will be popular universally, going from day to night- it’s simple, no fuss, and natural- no crazy colours or anything too outrageous. So when you are short for time and or can’t think of what to do with that face of yours, these tricks never go amiss.

‘On your wedding day, you want to look like yourself, only better.’
I would say most days that should be a rule.


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