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Do you ever look around and think… This is so cool it’s not cool?

Apparently the tip to impressing me is an illusive one. Even I couldn’t put my finger on it. Why can I be so cold sometimes? So critical?  A person could superficially tick all these boxes yet something was off. Then other times the most unlikely people will totally charm me.  I now understand why I get so shut off around certain people, or get my acid tongue out in certain situations- to break the cardboard down and see if anyone lives there if I think someone might- or else i’ll just dismiss.
 I tend to like people when they aren’t holding up shutters, cool or not. Someone can be trendy and still have a vunerability about them, something real and personal; but when people don’t have it and they so badly wanna look like an advertisement for what’s hot, I instantly feel tension between us. A character is being played, and no cards are on the table. They might shoot you the joker card, the happy go lucky party animal card, or the melancoly depressed artist card, but you can always tell when it’s part of an image and the real thing. You have been warned.

When I’m in a forced situation and everything is “cool” (meaning straight out of a videoclip or something stupid.. shudder)- the music is trendy, the people’s clothes, the venue, everything is opaque and banal- I suddenly feel really lame. I get this ”oh man what am I doing?” Cloud of thought around me, because I know none of these actions or clothes are originally mine… or theirs. It’s like I’m in a commercial or something and it freaks me out. I don’t mean genuine cool, like when I am at an awesome party or with actual cool- funny, witty, confident, unique, funny people-  I have a lot of those moments where I’m having so much fun my head is bubbling, i’m not thinking about it and so it always flows nicely.

No, I mean the moments when you are bored out of your brains, yet you shouldn’t be, because you are surrounded by Tools that are not being utilized. It’s like a tension buzzing in the air, an energy with no where to flow, because everyone is grasping it- afraid to be themselves, to speak their mind or dress like they don’t give a shit- it’s contrived, therefore it’s just not cool.
I can’t relax, or use these tools;  People that are dressed cool but their personalities are bland as flour. Music that no one really loves but they like it because it’s cool- no vibe. No passionate conversations because everyone is afraid what people will think. I KNOW WHAT PEOPLE THINK. I think it is fucking dull! If I have to ruffle some feathers to make it fun then it’s well worth it, at least I can BREATHE again! Give me some air, give me something I can use, please?

So it turns out that something can be so cool that it implodes in on itself and becomes lame.

The trick is to not care, and that’s how you have fun. I don’t mean not care about anything like you’re meant to not care- yet you still care about being liked by a bunch of zombies- I mean not care about the crowd, and focus your energy on what’s in front of you. Then you move to the next person or room, and feel it out and get absorbed in that- you don’t anxiously stand around looking cool and posing, because you’re not directing yourself to anyone or giving anything real away- that is what bores me, situations like that. That is when shit is contrived, and it’s not cool at all. If other people don’t see this (and i’m sure many don’t, because they fall for it and apply to it) then it makes a whole lot of sense.  I’m sure half of them do know, but are still figuring life out and want to belong somewhere, and half don’t because they are actually that disconnected and shallow (early warning signs of schizophrenia, this is not a joke and is a sad and serious issue).

 I couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t impressed when on so many occasions I *should* be. This is the reason. Something was off. Something was being forced because I was meant to like it, according to what’s cool, but I just didn’t. It takes more than a wicked pair of pants and un kempt hair do to hook me. I have to know what’s going on behind a person’s sunnies before I’ll trust them as a friend, before I feel cool. To feel cool, you have to be relaxed, you have to be real. So uh, keep it real *shrugs*.


Fat VS Thin?


Devil's Advocate Crystal Renn. Plus Sized Models aren't the problem. If you are morbidly obese, don't compare yourself to Crystal Renn. When I think of Fat, I don't picture this: so why does the Fat Debate use this model to represent the hideously overweight population in the US?

Today I have watched many videos on the Fat Debate. This is what happens when arrogance gets in the way of self improvement. These women are an example of people with no humility whatsoever. Many people have a hard time admitting when they are wrong, or even admitting they have an addiction or a problem, but when you start trying to change the scientifically backed up view of the whole world to suit your own agenda, something is wrong.


My youtube browse started off from the Dr Phil show fat debate (go and youtube it now so you can see what I mean). They think if they speak loud enough, no one will hear that they aren’t making any valid points. They keep taking the subject away from the health issue surrounding it and talking about discrimination, comparing it to racism and other predjudice. You can tell they really are not happy with their weight (They even admit it) but they won’t lose weight. They refuse to control their habits like the rest of us do.

The funniest thing is that the people on the Fat side of the debate are always so hostile, and they have this defensiveness about them that they call Fattitude, which I think is supposed to describe confidence about being fat but it’s actually just behaviour that stems from defending their insecurities. Because if you are truly confident and comfortable with your weight you wouldn’t be a hostile bitch to the thinner people all the time.  They feel they really need to assert themselves because they know something is wrong, yet instead of using that excessive energy (oh, and these women have the fire in their hearts to run a marathon) in a positive way, they use it to create a group to advocate their unhealthy lifestyle.

This is what I find odd and non sensical, and embarassing – the fact they have taken it this far yet never stopped and consider why people are anti Obesity. It’s not about cultural trends, it’s purely health reasons.  Pro-thin
is based on cultural trends, no doubt. But that same nutrionists that tell a fat person to stop eating so much shit will tell an underweight person to start eating more.
These idiotic women believe as though obesity being disgusting was some kind of conditioning imposed upon society, instead of facing the fact that this realisation can’t be changed- it’s not desired because it’s unhealthy.
So no matter what you do, no “fat acceptance revolution”will happen for the same reason pro-drug addict movements won’t. It’s counteractive to our long life, procreation, and all around altruistic lifestyles which is what we are naturally drawn to as it determines survival of the species. When looking for long term mates and friends you tend to drift to “healthy people, ones that don’t abuse others or their own bodies.
If us regular people have a problem we change it (or avoid it) because of this, and I respect that. When you try to change facts you need to step off your fucking pedestal and get on the treadmill- you are at risk for a high number of illnesses and it’s not about vanity. This is doctors talking, not fashion designers.

I support body acceptance, but that means you have to support HEALTH acceptance. If you wanna sit on your butt and eat burgers all day you don’t earn any respect! and that’s entirely different to eating regular meals and doing some fitness. Likewise being slim is different to starving yourself. Thin doesn’t always mean healthy, sure, and the Fat supporters are right, however language is a manipulative tool and their idea of Thin doesn’t match our own. My idea of “bad thin” is bony and looks sick (the ones who make you double take when they walk by)- but when the fat woman says a thin women, she means a normal person. Slim, but not sick.

There is not a fine line between starving and just being in a healthy BMI range. It’s a different subject all together, so when they try and group nutritionists and fitness guru’s into a pro-anorexic movement it’s just ludicrous. It makes their own cause look like a cariacture. Which it is. Is has no validity at all, because being Fat is very different from being healthy. It should be Pro-health, not pro fat.

The argument against “not being fat” is that people starve and get eating disorders. Now,  There is a difference between starving yourself, and then just not eating donuts and burgers everyday. There is no debate on the Fat Debate. The question is not “Is anorexia healthier than obesity?” Grow up, You cannot argue that not being fat is questionably less healthy than being fat. That’s like arguing the effects of smoking. The evidence is enormous- being healthy is better. Healthy not meaning starving, but being physically active and having low blood pressure and low cholestrol.  Eating healthy doesn’t equal starving. Why do they keep talking about starvation?

Also after watching the link posted above, I have to mention this- having a Plus Sized model on a pro-fat debate team doesn’t make sense because technically she is NOT FAT. Plus sized models are normal people in the real world. Crystal Renn is the highest paid plus size model in the world. She is a plus size model, which everyone knows represent normal people, realistically. I was like “Woah who is that babe” and when they said she represented fat people I thought what the fuck? That’s like having a catwalk model represent normal people!   This is how distorted it can be. She could represent anti-thin, and pro health, but certainly not pro fat because she is an example of how to be in a healthy weight range.  If you look at V magazines issue where they photograph a PLUS SIZE model against a normal Catwalk model to uh “prove a point” , you will see the only point they are proving is models are too thin, and plus sized models are healthy sized (usually). It didn’t say anything about fat being healthy, because the fashion world’s image of fat is extremely different to ours. Do you think those images represent fat being healthy? I certainly don’t.     That model who is for the fat side, is spectacularly thinner than the woman next to her. I wish someone would point that out on stage.

If those obese women used half as much energy defending their unhealthy lifestyle, and used their anger to go to the gym and control their eating patterns- who knows how much weight they could of lost by now?


I have joined Twitter, and right now I’m following Christopher Hitchens, Richard Dawkins, Dr Karl and Tori Spelling so I could call her a douche. My first Log in looks like this:

Tori Spelling
torianddeanTori Spelling

Liam holding baby chick “BlackBird”. He’s so good with animals.
Tori Spelling
torianddeanTori Spelling

And, here’s baby chick tonight. All settled in. It thinks I’m its mama! Liam named it “BlackBird”.
Nuclear proliferation: Disarmament and democracy are natural allies. – By Christopher Hitchens
Tori Spelling
torianddeanTori Spelling

RT @NathCaver: Omg! Almost 5k page views N 1day& a lot of nice comments 🙂 @torianddean StellaMcDermottClothesBlog: via
Tori Spelling
torianddeanTori Spelling

Baby 1st out of egg. Dean had2 help baby by pulling off shell so it could come out. I called it a C-Section. (cont)
So apparently Tori Spelling is commentating on her life, on her own little LA TODAY celeb show she soooo desperately wants to be apart of. Does she have to have 7 tweets about some egg and then tell us what is happening after? Ugh, what a sicko. All I have learnt is that she has a lot of spare time and needs a lot of attention and um doesn’t do much but wants reward for it. I like how Hitchens just briefly states something alot more complicated yet Tori needs a couple of paragraphs to describe some chicken hatching. My beliefs are being confirmed. Now I am on Giuliana Rancic’s page and she decribes herself as a tv host/wife/chick.
Lol, a chick? Is she ambiguously trying to associate herself with being young (and American)? You know those euro-american’s on Family Guy? She reminds me of those guys.
Giuliana Rancic
GiulianaRancicGiuliana Rancic

Early night in the Rancic household. In bed with my hot hubby @BillRancic watching TV. #nowhereidratherbe
Hmm little creepy, but maybe it would be fun to tweet about your actions. Everyday is pretty darn good, better than average most days- so why not tell everyone?

Makeup for Pale Skin (The toughest shade to master)

Pale skin can be hard to makeup, you don’t want to look like a clown after all! Colors come up way too strong, and just don’t blend as well on white skin. Most brands do not cater for pale skin because most people do not have it, so selling is limited understandably. Most “Ivory” foundations are still too dark for pale skins. I have searched everywhere for the right makeup and only just now starting to figure it all out myself. So here’s the lowdown:

These are the brands that do support the Minority:
Any Clinique foundations in Alabaster.
Cover girl Foundation in shade 405, ivory. That stuff is PALE. you won’t look orange and gives great coverage, unlike Revlon’s super pale anti ageing makeup which is too slippery.
Revlon’s Colorstay in Ivory is generally another good match, but not as pale as Covergirl, which is also cheaper.
Clinique Translucent Loose Powder to finish off.

MAC in Pink Swoon.  I LOVE this blush, but costs 46 dollars. Any soft pink blush is great though.

It’s really up to you. I prefer light shades myself, my preference being Myth by MAC ($36) and any pale pink lipgloss. Cover girl’s lip tints for juicy red lips or just used as a liner, are perfect and stay on your lips for hours.  This all depends on if you are cool or warm- I am cool and purple hued lipshades suit me over reds. Dark purple actually looks incredible with pale skin.

Black can be done, but not too much- no no.
Brown shadow and silver eyeshadow is best, and gold is gorgeous too. Stay away from bright colours.
Purple, Silver eyeliner or grey eyeliner, is what you should use over black eyeliner. Brown is also quite flattering.
Mascara should be black. Keep it simple.
Fill in your eyebrows and keep them groomed. Avoid looking pasty by mastering the brow. Go darker if you want definition, but don’t go too crazy if you are a blonde. Black brows and dark hair with pale skin looks nice, but colour doesn’t matter as long as they are neat.

Of course you can choose how dramatic your makeup will be. Minimal eye makeup looks great in the day, leaving the focus to lips and skin. Eyes will stand out with heavy eye makeup on, just decide what look you want before you start painting and it will turn out fine. Don’t do heavy lips and super heavy eyes- it’s too much.

The IDEAL Look, easy steps.

This look is fit for royalty- so it will be fit for anyone. Kate Middleton is beautiful, has great style and obviously looked immaculate on her wedding day, and well, she does everyday! So who else to use as a Muse for the “Ideal” makeup look. It’s a little more than basic, but a lot more natural than the “smouldering” look. It’s probably my favorite ‘every day’ makeup look for when I’m in a rush and never fails.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Kate Middleton’s makeup for her wedding inspired me to write this simple post- her makeup was done by herself, and it’s easy to do- looks striking and demure and suits most people.  To the untrained eye it’s useful to have someone point out exactly what it is that she used, so you can re create it yourself.
Basically it’s a good reference to a standard application that will look good anywhere, and takes no time to master.

You Need:
Eyebrow brush
Smokey eyeshadow (pewter or silvery black)
Brown eyeshadow and brush
pink blush
Black eyeliner
White eyeliner
Lipstick in pink/nude
Obviously Foundation, powder and Mascara- you can’t wear face makeup without a base, or eye makeup without mascara.

1. Do your base; wash face, cover face with foundation, powder on. (Loose powder is a bride’s best friend and, according to Barbara Daly, who did Princess Diana’s wedding day make-up, it’s the most important item in the beauty kit.)
2.Apply brown eyeshadow from lid to the hollows to create shadow. blend…   You need brown eyeshadow, you can’t use black and have it look natural or as flattering without a brown shadow to help it along- black alone can be too harsh.
3. apply eyeliner around your eye. around! Kate went all the way to the inner corner, but stop when your lashes do. Usually thats a few millimeters from the inner corner.  Smudge it with a thin eyeshadow brush, and if you have it, apply nude eyeshadow under the eye to avoid any black smudging.    Wide set eyes can be brought closer with black eyeliner, or close set and tired eyes can be opened by not rimming the inner corners with black.
4. Rim White eyeliner around your inner eye.
5. Softly appy the grey/black shadow over your lid, in a thin sweep. Not all over the lid, but halfway, so the eyeliner sets.
6. Reapply eyeliner that may have rubbed off. MAC Blitz and Glitz, preferably.
7. Apply bronzer to the temples, forehead and under your cheekbones and jaw.
8. apply the blush on your cheeks.
9. Fill in your brows and neatly brush them into place. Kate’s are brushed upwards and looks good, but depending on your face shape make sure it suits you. Brows are important, they frame your face. Kate looked like she had a professional eyebrow shape a few days before the wedding. Her brows looked more defined, darker than usual and she probably used a fine pencil to draw in a little more shape.
10. Mascara! always the last thing to apply so powder doesn’t catch your eyelashes.
11. Lipstick (soft lipliner will help) and lipgloss, in a soft pink or nude- timeless and flattering.

Wah la, this makeup look doesn’t age in photos and will be popular universally, going from day to night- it’s simple, no fuss, and natural- no crazy colours or anything too outrageous. So when you are short for time and or can’t think of what to do with that face of yours, these tricks never go amiss.

‘On your wedding day, you want to look like yourself, only better.’
I would say most days that should be a rule.