Just Some Basic Advice

1. Dress for your shape.

2.  Don’t stray too far from your natural hair shade.

3. Never ever EVER pluck your eye brows into a tadpole shape. Never. It takes beauty away from even the most beautiful. I don’t know who gave those people advice but it looks very unnatural.

4. Learn Humility. It’s one of the best assets ever, to be able to understand when you are wrong and when it’s time to grow. If you see your actions and decisions as something you choose to do, instead of an extension of what you are- then it’s easier to let go of the ego behind it and move past your bad habits.

5. Determine what colours and shades suit your tones, so you choose the right makeup and clothing colours. Makes shopping much quicker and less stressful.

6. Walk. As much as you can. Or at least just fit some physical activity in somewhere, like a bike ride or stroll. More than around the block is what I mean, but anything is better than nothing.  It reduces stress and anxiety because cortisol levels drop.  Lift weights, develop some lean muscle. Women can’t bulk up anyway.

7.  Exfoliate body and face a few times a week.

8. Avoid coffee and alcohol as much as possible. Excessive alcohol intake decreases B12 absorbtion which leads to headaches, tiredness, pale skin, mood swings etc etc.

9. Take Vitamins, but take them everyday otherwise the benefits don’t work. It’s like the pill, it needs to be taken all the time, not just before you have sex.


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