Nail it: Timeless Style

Everyone has a different take on Style and Fashion. Fashion is certainly NOT style. Fashion is a market that changes constantly, a business that needs new concepts to sell to people even if that means convincing short/fat people to wear jeanie pants, or slim waisted ladies to wear Aline “pregnant” dresses.

Style is not about money, or even making a statement. Understated style is about just wearing what suits you, the right cuts and colours for your height, shape and skin tone.
Some people create a style to really try and “stand out” which never works for the right reasons, unless you have had decades of “understated style” practice and know what suits you already.
To stand out, you don’t  need to TRY and stand out. You just need to look for flattering items that make you look sleek and beautiful. People will notice you dress well, not that you’re an attention whore if you get what I’m saying.

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Clemence Poesy is the staple Icon in my books. She’s french which helps explain how she does it. She nails style like no one else. She also shares the same colouring as I do, so the same tones that flatter her skin/hair/eyes match mine which makes it a no brainer. She is an example of classic, classy, effortless european look that doesn’t take two hours of hair styling and glam-makeup required to pull it off. Of course she is european, no american actress can do it like she does.
If you share the Summer tones like me, Clemence is a brilliant example of what to wear. I’ll find more women celebs with different Tones who also share a classic style to post up soon.


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