Why my blog?

MY PERSONALITY IS IN MY POSTS, MY WRITING ISN’T ALWAYS DULL:  I never realised that the amazing thing about my blogspot and wordpress blogs is that I actually write on them.
And don’t just post photos of objects and pics of myself posing or whatever people call “journalism” these days. Well, self promotion is the real term, because it’s not writing. I don’t just stop at a few “this is that and that is this. I like this.” because I don’t talk like that. I write how I would speak. If you’re going to have a blog for the sake of having your face on the internet, and then pasting some words here and there to make it seem authentic, that just defeats the purpose of blogging. Bloggers are meant to be interesting, funny, thought provoking, brash, or just sweet and inspiring. Not everyone will agree with this but that’s my philosophy.

IT’S A PASSION, WITH NO UNDERLYING MOTIVES:  easy. I just love writing. All day, everyday I’m talking to myself in my head, sometimes at a very fast pace. Not every second, but at least 60 percent..  enough that’s it’s not crazy. So writing is just easy and fun for me. One idea branches off to another thought and so on and so forth. I don’t write here because I want to post my picture up everywhere and become a little Style Icon/Guru/Self-Proclaimed Lunch-box Celebrity, I write because I need an outlet and because I want to share my ideas.

PURPOSE : Primarily, share things with people. It actually was something I was reluctant to to do, because I thought it would be time consuming and pointless, and it sort of is to some degree, but it’s also fun and I hope it gets better!
My blogs are entirely about sharing my knowledge of skin/body/makeup with my friends because there is so much incorrect information out there, and also because I want to shed light on what is a great buy and when it just becomes rampant, empty consumerism. I just make it known what is a con and what is worthwhile. I’m passionate about those things. Truth, really. I could never work in sales for that reason, I just hate lying to poor sods.
I want to make it known that’s it’s an honorable thing to not spend money of useless items, and instead use your creativity and brains to use what you have and make it amazing. If you buy expensive makeup and don’t even know how to apply it, it’s a waste. I’ve used black lipstick in a random bathroom for smokey eyes before because I was caught out with no spare eyeliner at a party. If you know how to work the artistry you can do it. Price is secondary to skill. Always. Especially with fake tan and hair dye.
I want everyone to stop having “Status Anxiety” because it’s bad for my world, it breeds competition and debt, jealousy and low self esteem. I’m sick of seeing girls competing over who paid more for what, and I want to start educating people on what REALLY MATTERS. I think that it’s beautiful to be healthy, I don’t find drug addictions sexy, I don’t find pathetic self destructive losers appealing at all. The trash glam image looks cool but it’s not practical.
Having been prone to depression and anxiety myself, and seeing so many beautiful young girls just growing up into shallow, vapid people (I’ve been there too) makes me want to establish my own ideals that have helped me overcome my own depression, and ask questions I want girls to ask themselves.  I know a lot of young women self harm, have eating disorders, are on meds and two girls I have known actually commited suicide.  There is something wrong with our whole value system. Yet this is all talked about behind closed doors, and in the outside world it’s all back to the same old endless cycle of spending and feeling empty.
Knowing what I know, I don’t think making money is half as important as being happy. Selling lies to people for cash, when so many women suffer from low self esteem just seems wrong. Id rather be surrounded by happy women who are genuine people, than lots of money and bitchy women.
I’m going to be the first blogger I know of to make a beauty/makeup blog that isn’t kissing ass of some random brand. That isn’t about me making myself look better than you, by showing off my toys and clothes and making you feel like a poor piece of crap. I’m going to call out the bullshitters, turn the ideals on their heads, and strip it down to basics.
THIS IS GOING TO REALLY TRY AND AVOID BEING A SELF ABSORBED SELLOUT BLOG: This is easy. I’m not a chosen one, I shouldn’t be on a pedestal. In fact I have a bit of social anxiety and i’d be more likely to avoid meaningless encounters than flourish in them. I’m very much an introvert- I expend energy on being around people. I don’t feed off their energy like extroverts do, so it’s just too exhausting.
I also find interpersonal relationships tedious and boring. Small talk bores the crap out of me (unless it’s someone I actually want to impress) I don’t want to be “famous” in my Province, or be admired for blogging, I mean I’m not curing HIV here. I think it’s sort of distasteful to want to be admired for your work instead of doing it for a passion of writing, art, styling or photographing- whatever professionals may use blogs for. A lot of it self promotion sure, but are you promoting what you do, or are you just promoting yourself? Sooner or later they do realize that they need to differentiate their blog. And blogging is also about changing, I would hope. We may start doing one thing and let it evolve into something greater.


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