You don’t fool me with your Superficial Self Expression.

“There is no such thing as a totally original idea. Humans are bio-chemical machines. All information had to of come from somewhere.”

I hear a lot about Self Expression through clothes. I won’t say fashion, because Fashion is reflective of the times, not the individual- this is seperate from that. It refers to the people that generally mean “dressing to fit into a mould”, and if it is genuine self expression then I have never really applied myself to it, because there is no frikin way you could express my thoughts and background and dreams and ideas through some outfit variation. It would either make me look emotionally limited or just crazy. I dislike both those appearances.
What exactly am I meant to express? Political views? Income? Sexuality? Lifestyle?  In a way we sort of express those things anyway, naturally, without even thinking. Why try so hard to be ourselves?

Expression through clothing, hair, tattoos and peircings is something I grasp to the extent that it is rational. I dress like a pretty normal person because I consider myself a pretty well-balanced girl. I like make-up and hair styling, I also like videogames, I get on with boys and girls, and I’m not snobby nor dero. I’m pretty liberal but not the point of madness. I’m not a hippie and I’m not a conservative. I have a little bit of everything in me, and consequently I tend to find all those “Labels” irrelevant, one dimensional and misleading.

I find that when you dress a certain way in order to fit the mould of a certain “type”, you trap yourself rather than liberate yourself, because people are constantly making judgements that are false. If you put all the aspects of my personality into an outfit.. well I don’t even see the point behind it. I don’t want to “prove” anything to anyone through clothing- and if I did, it would be extremely an limited canvas resulting in an extremely limited image.
I prefer to stay open- to all people, all situations, and not be hindered. Most people would agree with me, and probably do what I do. So I dress in a way that people can’t make any assumptions about me until we are face to face, talking. It’s not that I am incapable of dressing up, I just find it all very presumptuous.

There may be exceptions to my dress code, but I don’t find the process liberating, just confining.
This is how I see it: I’d rather have the respect of older people, intelligent people, than a group of gen Y’s who watch SKINS. Seriously who is harder to impress? Older, intelligent people are. They also don’t give a damn about your teen angst, they just see a tramp. They generally have a lot more respect, money and power than Gen-X’s-who-won’t-get-past-angst and teenagers. I know who’s side I am on, and I am dressing to impress them, if anyone.
This should just about justify my reasoning.

When it comes to dressing with some self expression, don’t stress out because you aren’t “expressed” enough. What the? You totally are. What hell does that even mean? EVERYONE dresses to express themselves. Even if it’s “I don’t give a damn.. no really I don’t”. When you put effort into your I don’t care costume you just counteract the purpose by caring, with dark lipstick, perfect hair, eye makeup, tatts and nail polish, right? Obviously you are not only concerned; but your fucking anxious about how you appear- how erm, ‘punk’ of you? Unless you are for social change which you most likely aren’t, stop pretending.

Your outfit doesn’t wear you, it’s there to keep your bits in place and make you look stylish, not make some statement about what you like about pop culture. Let people see your values and ideas after speaking to you, not glancing at you- it doesn’t work the other way.
It’s well advised to leave a part of yourself open to interperation, so you can face anyone. People will fill those “blanks” on your canvas in, with whatever they choose to see.
Don’t be afraid of blending. You will never really blend in- people will always see you and make assumptions, just give them an option of how you want them to see you. If you force it down their throat with a certain look then you have limited yourself, and you will now be judged a certain way.

If you are getting lost, I suggest that your choose things that flatter you- because beauty never goes unappreciated- and pick a few things to express your personality too. Or your mood, should I say, because our personalities are so much more complex than “Gothic” or “Gangster” or “Nerd”. You are a lot more interesting than that! … Or maybe not. That’s why you dress like people from SKINS. That means you are very unoriginal, not interesting, geez louise.

But because someone else doesn’t dress in chains or looks buff, that doesn’t mean they aren’t tough. They could be strong and some kind of master of fighting. Or would just beat your ass regardless. Just because someone doesn’t look punk or emo, doesn’t mean they haven’t attempted suicide or done some hard drugs. The guy carrying the briefcase probably snorted more lines than you ever would. The crazy nerd looking dude probably is way more gifted at art than the art fag chick in the mary jane shoes. She is probably more conservative than the guy in the suit, with the briefcase who snorts the cocaine. The guy in the band is probably just a socially inept wannabe who never got laid in highschool and now wants to be famous. Hey, nothing wrong with any of that. Just chill out about projecting images onto people because you will always be wrong.


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