Cheap VS Expensive

It is a total fallacy that expensive products are better than cheap ones.
After years of testing and trying I picked up on some inconsistencies. Why wasn’t my 40 dollar hair product working? What do these ingredients do anyway and do they work? Here are some things I discovered after reading into the REAL science behind the claims, despite all those lying salespeople who have no clue what they are on about:

I needed some hair repair magic. I was willing to pay for it, and I was sold Redken Extreme Shampoo and Conditioner for my malnourished hair. The lady claimed it would add protein to my hair shaft that would become noticeable over a few months of regular use (I was skeptical).  What she didn’t mention, is that the molecules would be too large to penetrate my hair and the SLS would undo all the healing anyway, further damaging my hair. An egg yolk would of done a better job.
What makes a good shampoo is not what it contains, but what it doesn’t contain.
So be like me and go Sulfate free! It bloody works. I used to overload my hair on conditioners after I would use brand name shampoos in order to restore the moisture, and now after I wash my hair with my organic shampoo I am able to use cheap conditioner and no leave in products and my hair is still shiny (considering how much I have blowtorched it, it has healed enormously!). The joico conditioners are still amazing on top of the organic shampoos though that’s another story.

Dior I found to be clumpy, more so than the Lash flirt which is about a year old and still kickin’t it. Maybe it’s the plastic brush, but wow Rimmel makes my lashes look long and luscious and perfectly even. Dior made them like spider legs. Thick, yes, but I prefer naturally long over the 1920’s stage actress look.
C’mon guys. It’s mascara. It’s black ink that sticks to the existing lashes on your face- how long they are naturally is mainly about genetics. An extra 50 dollars won’t attach more hairs to your face, especially not 50 dollars worth. It’s really about common sense. Do you think a mascara is going to be able to EXTEND your lashes towards the sky? Well I have news for you: If you really want huge lashes, just buy some fake lashes like they use in the commercials.

Napoleon Auto Pilot Primer is slippery and makes oily skin break out. If you have large pores it will pool in there and exacerbate the condition. It it simply far too oily. Rimmel Recover is wonderful, only needs to be used sparingly, and surprisingly makes pores appear smaller and keeps your makeup firmly belted to your face like a captain going down with his ship.

Perhaps my young skin is too oily for the so called Revlon Breathable Makeup (what does that even mean when it’s slathered on anyway.. obviously the coverage is bad), but it says that the skin breathes with this makeup on. I found it slipping off very quickly and actually made my skin uneven and slightly bumpy after a days wear. So basically it means that yes, the coverage is just shit. Not only did it look bad, but ironically my skin was suffocating under there! Otherwise I wouldn’t of become all shiny so soon after application. Why do they lie to me! 😦
Clinique Blemish Solutions is an oil absorbing foundation and a GOD SEND. It’s staying power is incredible and shine free. I love it! Apply with some loose powder and you could sit through a heat wave (or a rampant night on the town) with that stuff in tact.


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