The greatest things you’ll ever learn… is to kick the Diet Coke

Ok, the list of things that are wrong with diet coke is incredible. The more I read about it the more I think “HOLY SHIT”. Not only can it kill you, but Diet Soda actually makes you GAIN WEIGHT, despite it having “zero calories”. Sounds too good to be true, a sugary carbonated soda that doesn’t harm you.. erm no, I have never been a fan of coke because that just never made sense to me. You think drinking a chemical soup won’t harm you?
If it sounds too good to be true, it is.  Here are some comments from Diet Coke drinkers that made me want to find out more, in order to answer their perplexing questions:

1. “It doesn’t quench my thirst. It actually dehydrates me.”
The acid levels in diet coke are so high, the body works over time to try and balance the PH levels in your body back to the alkaline. Everytime I think of incorrect PH levels I think of a UTI. So I just imagine drinking Diet Coke like giving your stomach and blood a UTI infection since it is a similar reaction.

2. “It makes my teeth feel funny. God knows what it is actually doing to them if I can feel it.”
Once again, the acidic levels in Diet Coke and ALL sodas, are diminishing the enamel on your teeth. Phosphoric Acid is used to remove rust in a more concentrated form, which can’t be good for your mouth.. let alone your metabolism. Read on.

3. “It’s ok, I drink DIET soda. It keeps weight off right?”
Don’t you think it’s funny how fat people drink Diet coke so much? Not working hey? Rather ironic how the very thing you think is keeping weight off, is causing weight gain.
Some people actually drink 10 cans of this shit a day. Well what happens then?
Soda contains Phosphoric Acid, which is next to Battery acid on the PH scale, and you are flooding your body with acids. You body needs to bring back the alkaline levels up (so you don’t die). How does it do this? Using your bodies minerals to balance it out, mechanisms kick in to do this. It takes precious minerals which include Magnesium, Calcium and Iodine- instead of giving those minerals to right organs so they function properly it gets wasted on re-aligning your acidic blood from all that Soda. Stress, tiredness, diet and simple functioning such as breathing also uses these minerals to balance out your PH levels. Diet sodas send your acid levels soaring, so all these minerals are wasted on your blood’s PH levels (Hence why you feel tired after drinking it too) and won’t attend to the proper places; and that’s how it causes weight gain.
Iodine supports the health of the THYROID gland- which regulates the bodies metabolism. Without Iodine the Thyroid won’t operate properly and your metabolism will become sluggish and not work properly.

How do you fix this and re align your metabolism to get it functioning again? Well ways to speed it up include 1. Sleep and relaxing downtime. 2. Eating high ALKALINE foods such as fruits, vegetables and fish. Sleep helps you lose weight to an extent, which is pretty cool, since being tired raises cortisol levels and slows metabolic rates.

3. “I feel hungry and tired after.”
Acid levels and the negative affects on your body aside; not only do artificial sweeteners prevent weight loss, your core body temperature LOWERS when you consume them and that slows your metabolism even further. Combine that with the Phosphoric Acid and baby, you have fucked yourself obese. It also stimulates your appetite, making you want to eat more on top of that! Haha, it just gets worse and worse! Do not confuse your metabolism, and don’t mess with your hormones and physiology.

4. “I need the taste. I know craving that sweet, metallic aspartame taste is scary and unnatural, though the caffeine helps with my headaches.”
This is only temporary and invariably, and the withdrawal causes more headaches, which causes you to grab another can out of the work fridge, which causes another headache later.. etc etc etc.
Okay, aside from all the rest of it. Aspartame. The cancer causing ingredient. Aspartame is also purely addictive. Diet Coke has been discovered to cause harm to the brain and nervous system, causing anything from spasms or shooting pains, numbness, tinnitus, depression, impaired vision and memory loss to dizzyness.
Indeed, the term ‘Aspartame Disease’ has been coined to describe these maladies.

All in all, Diet Coke is basically chemical soup, and probably something that nature never intended that any living thing consume as nourishment.

The Golden rule of my diet is this ; Artificial Sweeteners restrict Calorie loss. That is something you must apply to all foods you consume, not just soda. Think about it; how often do you see a fat person drinking diet soda? A lot. And how often do you see thin people drinking them? Never. (Celebrity endorsements and product placement in movies don’t count.)

You are a slave to corporate strategy based around addiction. Nothing cool about that.


2 responses to “The greatest things you’ll ever learn… is to kick the Diet Coke

  • el

    If you want to alkalise quickly (like right after a night of drinking), squeeze a whole lemon into a glass of water, and add half to a whole teaspoonful of bi-carb soda, then drink.
    Also, raw apple cider vinegar is worth a try for weight loss and improved skin. Have you used it before? I’m going to try it. x

    • youfromtheinsideout

      Oh i’ve never heard that one.. I’ll definitely look into it though! I would have to, raw cider vinegar doesn’t sound like a picnic haha. I use it on my hair sometimes though, after shampooing- to cleanse impurities and give it shine.

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