Small Diet Changes- Huge Body Benefits

1. Soda. carbonated sugar and sodium with no protein at all. If you want to lose weight, ditch this and lose about 4 kilos in one week, no joke.
Diet Coke has ASPARTAME in it. Or you might read it as the last ingredient on the back that begins with an L. Diet drinks are worse than regular drinks, because the artificial sweeteners make them even more chemical. It slows down your metabolism too, and yes it’s addictive.

2. Processed sugary foods like cakes, biscuits and pastries. Fruit, yogurt and anything with honey is much better for a sweet fix. Dark chocolate and Jarah chocolate drinks are also much better than a piece of cake.

3. Salty fatty foods like chips. Vegemite on wholemeal toast or crackers is better than a bag of chips if it’s the salt you are craving, if you can’t shake it. Or even just crackers with dip and salami or sundried tomatoes mm… or whatever has more protein because it will fill you up 5 times faster than chips.

4. White bread. White bread isn’t as bad as the above, however it’s probably consumed more. It won’t potentially give you cancer like Diet coke will but it’s still fattening.
The thing with bread, is that when you switch to wholemeal you really can’t even tell the difference, especially since the FILLING is more tasty than the bread! However you will SEE the difference it makes to your weight over time. Long term weight loss is important and this is an easy way to go about it.

If you can’t get the thought of food out of your mind, it’s because you are bored. If you can’t get busy, think about sex instead? It keeps the weight off if you’re serious about losing it. Seriously though, just imagine the thought of looking great and feeling great and if you just put that shit down for 10 seconds. Delay, and distract yourself. You are allowed to eat whatever, but you are choosing not to because your body is the only one you have and you want to take care of it.
These changes aren’t even hard. You can still eat junk, chocolate is especially fine- even better with tea-  and big plates of stir fry and pasta and sandwiches and yadda yadda, just eliminate the stuff that is unnecessary. You won’t miss the taste, you will be less hungry because the energy burns much slower, and you won’t miss those extra kilos.
You can’t go wrong with these tips. I would know, they have worked for me for years and I have never gained any old weight back, as diets usually have rebounds, this doesn’t. This isn’t a diet it’s a permanent switch- a fucking easy one. So quit bitchin’ about your weight and eat normal foods, not shit.


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