Sub-cultures and Self Presentation

In a previous post “What is Beauty?” I made a comment about myself trying to not dress in a certain genre, despite most people doing so, and I didn’t really elaborate why. Of course I will wear things I like, but I won’t go out of my way to buy or wear something someone else has, and like it BECAUSE someone else has it, like we did in high school. I thought EVERYONE had grown out of that but nuh uh, they sure haven’t.
Apart from being influenced by peer groups, which shouldn’t give a damn what you wear… We tend to try and categorize ourselves into sub-cultures. Sometimes we will play around with outfits and looks, sure. Hell, it’s there and it’s affordable! But I don’t base my self worth nor decide who my friends will be, upon interpretation.

Being adaptable means you can shift from place to place. New adventures, lessons, people and experiences.

I don’t want to attempt and identify with any subculture, because I’ve never made a good friend based on superficial values and I’m not about to try. Race, income, age, education, sex, hometown… whatever, it doesn’t account for much. I’m not going to like an Aussie person more than a Turkish person, just cause I am Australian. Or a tattooed guy more, if I had a tattoo, too. I don’t care if someone is poor or doesn’t drive an expensive car, I won’t bitch about their income (It happens) I know it sounds ridiculous but a lot of people actually do react that way, to such trivial things.
Recently the TV was on while I was in the next room and a preview for the shore Jersey Shore came on. I heard Snookie say something incredibly ignorant like “Us friends are like a family, see we are Italian and we have strong family values.” So if a non-Italian was to be there, they would somehow be excluded? Or is she just implying that because of their race (But they are actually American anyway, not Italian…) they are somehow more loyal and implicated to remain friends with eachother, because you know, they all happen to have similar heritage. So fucking what? Yeah Italians do have strong family values, but I wouldn’t compare those pieces of Trash (who are American, not European, big difference in culture!!!) to native Italians. Be as disgusting as you like, and then deny and justify it by claiming you have strong values because your dad was born in, funnily enough, Puerto Rico. Yeahhh… right. Look, maybe she does have strong, primitive family values (like every animal does, because it’s called INSTINCT) that doesn’t make her a moral person. It makes her normal. But also taking the other personality traits into account and the fact she is actually on Jersey Shore.. well, she can get off that high horse. That is an example of how empty impressions are.

If you go around assuming all people are “Moral” or “Immoral” because of the way they look, then you need to re-think your misconceptions.
In saying that, the most untrustworthy people I have ever met all prided themselves on “Honesty”. The nastiest, two faced backstabbers I have ever met were all self confessed “Honorable” people. And just because someone has awesome style that doesn’t mean they will make a good friend. I prefer friends to pretty accessories.
So I have just distanced myself from that game completely, because I have learnt time and time again that first impressions never ever tell you the full story. Let alone what their taste in music says… sweet nothing.

No matter what race a person is, or what they wear, how sick their house is, where they went to school; People can make up all sorts of bs about themselves so you will be friends with them, they dress in a certain way, and they pretend to be a certain way- but they aren’t like that at all, they just wanna belong somewhere. So never take anything at face value. I certainly try not to.


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