What is Beautiful?

Being beautiful isn’t just about nice limbs and hair. It’s a something that radiates from you onto other people, something you feel.

My idea of beauty  isn’t about adorning yourself with overpriced things, which the marketing folks want you to think. While it can be pretty, you don’t really need that extra stuff, anyone can be beautiful on a tight budget if they take care of themselves in the right way.

There have been decades of trends we have endured, and it all becomes very confusing. Especially now where we really can wear whatever we want, and there are so many options and products for our face and hair. What is better?  Overweight? Underweight? Long hair, short hair? Blonde, Brunette? Tanned, Pale? Curly, Straight? We can be anything we want to be, and our minds are always being brainwashed by ads, changing our minds about what we should aspire to look like.

If you strip all that away, Beauty is about the basics; about health, essentially. A universally beautiful person is a healthy person inside and out. Despite all these distortions people have of “beauty”.. I try to keep my focus clear. Obesity isn’t ‘curvy’, as some overweight people may consider themselves. Likewise being chubby also is not ugly, as some thin-obsessed people might think. In times of famine, heavy set men and women are highly coveted. In times of abundance, being thin is considered as being a sign of high status because it supposedly means you have leisure time to workout. Trends will change with the times, but you have to know what is right for you through all of it.
Everyone’s bodies are different NO question, but you have to be the healthiest version of you. If you are naturally muscular or “curvy” and by that I don’t mean 100 kilos…  then that’s perfect. If you eat plenty and workout and your still thin, then that’s ok too. Having lots of energy and feeling good.

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What is Glamour? Glamour is traditionally about money. It reflects where your stand in society, with diamonds and furs. I could be wrong, but my guess is that the Glamour period came about because of economic reasons, say the War? America was a new Superpower (move over England) and they flaunted it with beautiful images of glamourous, wealthy and healthy pin ups and movie stars with big cars, big jewels and big jackets. I’m assuming that’s how it kicked off, because all trends in fashion reflect what is going on in a society. This whole Bo-ho movement we have now where you pay $10 per line of “organic” cotton thread wouldn’t be happening if the whole global warming, environmental thing never became mainstream, for example. So fashion shifts and moves with the times.
My point is, nothing is Ideal, it’s just a moment in time where you really believe this is cool instead of that, next decade you’ll like something else.
These days it’s 2011, where everything is mass produced to break and be bought again. It’s not the 1940’s. Anything can be replicated. Anything can be fake, so there is a fine line to tread between being Glamourous and just being Trashy. I don’t really do the whole Glamour puss thing, because I’m not very rich so it would be impractical to buy a 10,000 necklace instead of a car. I also think it’s a a statement of superiority and carelessness/ignorance, not luxury anymore. On the flip side I don’t follow the hippie thing either. I like to be clean and take advantage of having beautiful clothes at arms reach, but I don’t wanna abuse it either.

Makeup -to me- should be used for enhancing your natural beauty, not scaring people off. By natural beauty I mean eye colour, bone structure, skin tone, body shape etc. Not changing it, just working with it. Making your pout stand out, or if you have gorgeous cheekbones, highlighting them. Looking at all your beautiful features and using your artistic eye to make the most of them all.
You can go crazy with your craft sets on special occasions, but for everyday wear you should just be YOU. Because who you are is not measured by your cosmetic aptitude. You don’t need to “prove” yourself through what lipstick color you wear (black is goth, pink is fem, red is glam), forget about that- you demonstrate who you are by the way you act and speak, how you make people feel and the atmosphere you create around you. That’s what real creativity is.

Beauty is about health. A healthy mind and a healthy body. What happens inside you really does show on the surface. That’s why it’s important to eat right, get outside, practice good hygiene, stay away from smoking if you can, and generally avoid putting shit into your organs. Be around good people and good influences, take vitamins and keep your skin washed and dry. Sleep properly, and always strive to make someone else’s life better. By that I don’t mean donating money to some stupid religious charity, I mean being kind to strangers and appreciating the people in your life who you love because one day it’ll all be gone. If you don’t feel so beautiful, step away from the mirror and the department stores and think about what’s really bothering you. When you feel really beautiful it’s because of something you have done, not because of how you look.

“If you’re not making someone’s else’s life better, you’re wasting your time. Making others better makes you better.” – Will Smith


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