STEP BY STEP; Day Makeup

                                                                                          Skin protection Basics.
During the day you need to make sure your face and neck are protected from UV rays, so apply a moisturizer with SPF if you have dry skin, and if you have oily skin look for an spf for your skin type. DO NOT use SPF as well as moisturizer. Your skin has a natural moisture to it anyway, but it does not have a natural barrier against sun damage.
In hot climates it’s important to let your pores breathe so go easy on the foundation as much as you can, in cold climates it’s not so bad since you won’t be clogging your pores.
Also if it’s winter, your skin tends to be a little dryer so it’s ok to wear moisturizer if you feel your need it.
If you have oily skin do not wear moisturizer unless it’s super cold and windy, because you just don’t need it.  Will it hurt you? No. Is it pointless? Yes. I assume if you wear makeup you are going somewhere. If you moisturize and it’s hot, your pores are going to open up, your makeup will slip off, your face and look patchy within two hours, so it defeats the purpose of wearing makeup, yes?
I have oily skin myself and it slides right off. Our skin is naturally moist (so it will wrinkle later in life that other peoples)  so chill out about it.

I have heard a lot about Napolean Perdis Primer Autopilot and I used a sample once. It was terrible on my skin. For dry skin it might work, but not on mine.
My favorite is Rimmel Recover. I do not use primer all over my face, I only use it around my eyes so my makeup sticks.
Your eyes are the dryest area on your face, primer is great around eyes if you want it to last. As for the face, see what works for you.

For oily skin I recommend skipping the moisturizer and applying your foundation onto a smooth, dry face. Apply some spf (Invisible Zinc) under your eyes and cheekbones, and around your hairline and wherever else the sun hits.. a little is better than nothing if you don’t want a face full of spf because it’s a specific occasion.  Try to find an acidic oil-absorbing lotion or better, an oil-absorbing foundation which has amazing staying power, like Clinique Blemish Solutions ($60), which is brilliant and will do the job of keeping shine away from SPF. You can even sleep in it and it won’t damage your skin like other foundations (unless you do it A LOT).
Clinique Superfit Makeup is also fantastic for all-day wear. Anything ”all-day” has less oils and no “Moisturizing” properties in it. I do not use moisturizing/anti ageing cover up because it’s vanished within 3 hours and isn’t needed.
Revlon foundation is really really good if you want a thicker coverage. I use it as a concealer if I need to (under eyes, t-zone are general areas) and I use sandy beige because I am cool-toned and don’t want to look orange. It is perfect for all skin types and is in general, my favourite because it’s reasonably priced and gives you great coverage which you can use as sparingly as you like.
Finish off with a dusting of powder to make it all set in place. Immediately. I prefer (Clinique’s) loose powder (translucent) to pressed, because it lasts longer and gives thicker coverage for long lasting wear.

Some makeup artists say you shouldn’t moisture your eyes if you will be wearing eye makeup. But on the other hand, your skin around the eyes needs moisture because it’s thinner than the rest of your face. I say do both, depending on what you are doing.
During the day you should apply moisturizer (just under your eyes for oily skin, and all over your face for dry), then SPF, and then your foundation.
Then apply your powder onto your eyelids so the oil absorbs.
Apply your eye makeup afterwards. Do not wear anything crazy during the day. I strongly suggest using matte and natural colours.
I personally do not use Waterproof mascara even when it’s hot, because it dries out your lashes and is difficult to remove. If you are swimming and need some mascara, it’s ok every now and then. Not everyday though! Certainly not at night.
Mascaras are fine just as they are. The best ones are not the most expensive. Rimmel LashFlirt Mascara is awesome and maybe it’s the brush but it makes my lashes look longer and perfectly covered.. NEVER clumpy, and iv’e had it for a year! For big lashes Rimmel proves they do not need to be clumpy and wet too… as I have experienced with other more expensive brands.

Make sure you are POWDERED if you are going to apply bronzer or blush. The colour will crease and run if you don’t. Blot your face to help it set, powder it. Clinique Blemish Solutions helps absorb oil if your skin is oily and needs that extra mile.
Apply bronzer (light or dark depending on your tone) on the parts where the sun would hit naturally. If you hold a light above your face you can see those areas. It’s the nose, cheekbones, forehead and a swipe on the chin. Apply it softly and LIGHTLY so that it will not run, or become patchy.
If you want to skip the sunkissed look then just apply some peachy coloured blush on the apples of your cheeks. Do not use any strong pink or berry hues, they are much more suited to winter!

Use a lipbalm with spf. Your lips need spf just as much as your eyes do! Blistex is a good one. Apply your lipgloss/stick after a few minutes. Even better buy a lipstick or gloss with spf if you are after a specific colour and don’t want just a clear lipbalm.
Revlon has beautiful rich coloured lipsticks. Not too pricey so you’re scared to wear them, but not cheap so they slide off.

Keeping your face shine-free.
Clinique has great oil-blotting papers. If it’s hot your pores will be trying to breathe and if your skin is oily that’s when things become awry. Your makeup will mix with your oil, and your lovely shading will be all patchy- which is why I say apply your bronzer LIGHTLY because the Tzone especially is a landmine of oil, which is wear your will be blotting. Blot your face before it gets out of control, and bring your bronzer with you to sweep across your Tzone for touch ups. Do not ever apply concealer or foundation over your powdered face (especially if you are a rookie at makeup) because it will cake over.  Your foundation should of been set into your skin well enough so that when you do blot, you don’t wipe your makeup off too.
Do not apply bronzer over oily skin either, it won’t go on smoothly. Another reason to blot your face before a touch up.


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