STEP BY STEP; Makeup for Nighttime

Contrasting colours are better at night than day, mainly because the natural shadows of soft lights make your dark makeup look much more ‘real’ and soft, but because the sunlight is so strong it highlights imperfections and makes dark makeup look harsh and overdone. If you can’t blend blush and eyeshadow properly, it will stand out. So if you want to break out the rich purples and blacks, or strong blush colours and lipsticks,  I suggest doing it for a party rather than a lunch date.

Skip the moisturizers with SPF in them. The sun is gone, and the light particles in the SPF reflect off flashing lights which will make your face lose it’s depth and sculpture you are going to create.

I have heard a lot about Napolean Perdis Primer Autopilot and I used a sample once. It was terrible on my skin. For dry skin it might work, but not on mine.
My favorite is by Rimmel. I do not use primer all over my face, I only use it around my eyes so my makeup sticks.
Your eyes are the dryest area on your face, primer is great around eyes if you want it to last. As for the face, see what works for you. If your have dry skin go for it, but not if you have oily skin!

I think making a habit of caring for your eye-skin is very important, but if you are planning a big night out and will be wearing heavy shadow and eyeliner, you can skip it.
Apply foundation and powder over your eyes, and then apply your eye makeup. Eyeshadow first, Mascara last.
Shimmery eyeshadows are really nice, and nighttime is good for smokey eyes and darker/richer colours. The nightlights are softer than harsh sunlight and so the contrasts blend easier visually in darker lighting. That rule applies for your whole face.

At nighttime the light tends to reflect onto your face, rather than shine onto it. Highlighters and shimmery powders can be a lot of fun for this reason. Contouring your face pays off best at night.
A darker shade of powder under your cheekbones and jawline is flattering when done properly. It adds dimensions to your face that are already there, but you want to enhance in the darkness a little more.
Bringing out features by highlighting them also adds depth. Bring your face forward by highlighting your nose, chin and forehead.
I got the idea from Beyonce’s look. She has a slightly flat, rounded nose, so makeup artists softly line highlighter down the front down her nose, and softly put dark down the sides to narrow it. It’s subtle but effective. You don’t want to change your face though, just play with it’s dimensions. That goes for any part on your face though that you want to narrow (or even widen by following the opposite rules), and it might not be your nose.

Apply a foundation/primer/cream. Then your lipstick or gloss. Foundation before lipstick is highly recommended to neutralize your lip colour when applying a light shade, say pink or peachy orange, and especially for eliminating red shades when applying a purple/blue toned colour. For super light pink lips, you would have to cover the lips in a white hued foundation before the lipstick.
Or for lower maintenance red lips, just apply a tint and then some lipstick or red gloss over the top depending on what you are going for.


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