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Just Some Basic Advice

1. Dress for your shape.

2.  Don’t stray too far from your natural hair shade.

3. Never ever EVER pluck your eye brows into a tadpole shape. Never. It takes beauty away from even the most beautiful. I don’t know who gave those people advice but it looks very unnatural.

4. Learn Humility. It’s one of the best assets ever, to be able to understand when you are wrong and when it’s time to grow. If you see your actions and decisions as something you choose to do, instead of an extension of what you are- then it’s easier to let go of the ego behind it and move past your bad habits.

5. Determine what colours and shades suit your tones, so you choose the right makeup and clothing colours. Makes shopping much quicker and less stressful.

6. Walk. As much as you can. Or at least just fit some physical activity in somewhere, like a bike ride or stroll. More than around the block is what I mean, but anything is better than nothing.  It reduces stress and anxiety because cortisol levels drop.  Lift weights, develop some lean muscle. Women can’t bulk up anyway.

7.  Exfoliate body and face a few times a week.

8. Avoid coffee and alcohol as much as possible. Excessive alcohol intake decreases B12 absorbtion which leads to headaches, tiredness, pale skin, mood swings etc etc.

9. Take Vitamins, but take them everyday otherwise the benefits don’t work. It’s like the pill, it needs to be taken all the time, not just before you have sex.


What season are you?

Season Color Analysis Skin Tone

Complexion refers to the natural color, texture, and appearance of the skin, especially that of the face. The coloring of people is cold (undertones bluish pink) or warm (undertones golden yellow).

The best effect for the skin tone, and also for hair and makeup, can be achieved using complementary colors in clothes, dyes, and makeup. What follows is only a simplified idea of the theory and some of the main colors.

Freckles are small brownish spots of melanin on skin in people of fair complexion. Predisposition to freckles is genetic and is related to the presence of red hair. The same process, which produces sun tanning, causes your freckles although the distribution of melanin is uneven, causing the freckling.

As Freckles are predominantly found on the face, warm colors will be the most flattering for you.Your season is determined based on the undertone of your skin which is either warm or cool. Since you cannot see this undertone, a draping of fabric colors enable you to determine if you are warm or cool.
This is a simple way to find your color palette. Items you will need: A large mirror, large enough that you can see from your chest or neck area up. Scarves or folds of fabric in an assortment of color

Stand near an open window, door, or outside as long as you are not facing direct sunlight.
Wrap the scarves or fabric so that your neck line and upper chest are are covered.
Close your eyes and then open, what was noticed first, your face or the color?
If it was your face you have a good color choice.
If it was the color you saw first it is not one for you.
You will know the right color, it will stay in the background and your face will be noticed before the color.

Test your colors using opposite seasons, Navy against orange and brown, Pure white against a navy. By way of the wrong color, you find the right color.

One thing I do have to mention is that although I have read if you are “cool” and have pinky undertones you should select a pinky-toned foundation, nothing could be more incorrect. Yellow tones are what everyone should use. Yellow is a more youthful colour, pink looks ruddy and should be counteracted. The belief that someone is “Pink”and someone is “Yellow” is majorly outdated, like 1960’s makeup advice. Everyone is essentially yellow toned, and should balance their makeup to correct that to avoid looking ruddy.

Season Color Analysis Eye Color

Blue Eyes

Surprisingly blue eyes are a relatively rare eye color. Found mainly in people of northern European descent, and to a lesser extent, in people of Eastern Europe, Southern Europe, the Middle East, and Central Asia.

In Finland, there is the highest percentage of blue-eyed people, 90 per cent. Many Caucasian babies are born with blue eyes, though their eyes will later darken, or change color.

Most infant’s eye color is set within a couple of days to a couple of weeks, though some people’s eye color will continue to change for a number of years. Although extremely rare, people of Black/African descent may have blue eyes, an example being Vanessa Williams.

Blue eye color is a recessive trait, and the gene must be present (though not necessarily apparent) in both parents for a child to be born with blue eyes. South Asians may also have blue eyes, but this is uncommon.

Eyes without melanin appear blue due to selective scattering of light in the transparent iris; no blue pigment is involved. (Rayleigh scattering, the same phenomenon that causes the blue color of the sky).

In the mid-20th century after the dawn of color films, blue eyes,were considered very desirable in those aspiring to be Hollywood actors and actresses.

Season Color Analysis Brown Eyes

This is the shade most common almost world wide, with shades from brown to nearly black. Light brown is also very common but to a lesser extent. Most of the original inhabitants of Africa, Asia, and the Americas have brown eyes.

Brown eyes also found in Europe, though within European populations they are not predominating to the same extent. In this population, brown eyes are genetically linked to brown hair.

Season Color Analysis Green eyes
Green eyes are most often found in people of Celtic, Slavic, and Germanic descent. Green eyes may be confused with hazel eyes. Sometimes a person’s eye color can change as that person ages. Blue eyes can become green but green eyes cannot become blue.

Season Color Analysis Gray Eyes
Very light blue eyes may give the impression of being gray.

Season Color Analysis Red Eyes
The red-eye effect commonly appears in photographs, especially in those with light eyes. Irises entirely lacking in the pigment melanin appear red, though not in humans, human albinos have blue eyes.

This trait is characteristic of albinism. Under certain lighting conditions, humans with albinism the iris and/or pupil will appear bright red to violet in color, this is due to the translucency of their eyes and the light reflecting off their retina.

Season Color Analysis Hazel Eyes
Hazel usually used to describe eyes that contain elements of both green eyes and brown eyes. Some hazel-eyed people have irises, which transition from green at the edges to a light or darker brown near the center.

Season Color Analysis Hair Color

Brunette brown chestnut
Black, raven, midnight
Blonde, sandy blond, dirty blond, strawberry blond, platinum blond, flaxen
Red hair,auburn, red, russet, ginger,cinnamon, henna
Gray, silver, salt and pepper,white

Hair color is the result of pigmentation due to the presence of the chemicals of melanin. In general, the more melanin, the darker the hair color.

The color of our hair varies from pale yellow to deep black The ethnic distribution of colors has historically varied by geographic area. For example, deep brown and black prevail in the Middle East,North Africa,and Mediterranean Europe, and even darker shades occur in East Asia,South Asia,as well as tropical Africa and Central America.

Lighter brown is more common in central Europe, Yellow/blond in northern Europe, and Reddish in the British Isles. Fair hair is characteristic of the peoples of Northern Europe, particularly Scandinavia (very pale hair is often referred to as Nordic blond.).

Blond hair is genetically associated with paler eye-color (blue, green and light brown) and pale (sometimes freckled) skin tone. It is also normal for hair to darken through childhood. Caucasian babies are generally born with the slightest wisp of fair hair, and then go on to grow hair of the color that they are genetically programmed to grow.

Darkening can even occur relatively late in life (graying of hair is a separate issue, though). Strong sunlight also lightens hair of any pigmentation, to varying degrees. Brunette in common usage refers to dark brown or black hair, especially dark brown hair.

People disagree over whether black or light brown hair counts as brunette. For genetic reasons, a brunette will usually have darker-colored eyes and a relatively dark or olive complexion.

High levels of the dark pigment demeaning and lower levels of the pale pigment phaeomelanin characterize brown and black hair. It is thicker than fair hair but not as much as red hair. Strawberry blonde is a color combination of red and blonde. It is an uncommon hair color.

Nail it: Timeless Style

Everyone has a different take on Style and Fashion. Fashion is certainly NOT style. Fashion is a market that changes constantly, a business that needs new concepts to sell to people even if that means convincing short/fat people to wear jeanie pants, or slim waisted ladies to wear Aline “pregnant” dresses.

Style is not about money, or even making a statement. Understated style is about just wearing what suits you, the right cuts and colours for your height, shape and skin tone.
Some people create a style to really try and “stand out” which never works for the right reasons, unless you have had decades of “understated style” practice and know what suits you already.
To stand out, you don’t  need to TRY and stand out. You just need to look for flattering items that make you look sleek and beautiful. People will notice you dress well, not that you’re an attention whore if you get what I’m saying.

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Clemence Poesy is the staple Icon in my books. She’s french which helps explain how she does it. She nails style like no one else. She also shares the same colouring as I do, so the same tones that flatter her skin/hair/eyes match mine which makes it a no brainer. She is an example of classic, classy, effortless european look that doesn’t take two hours of hair styling and glam-makeup required to pull it off. Of course she is european, no american actress can do it like she does.
If you share the Summer tones like me, Clemence is a brilliant example of what to wear. I’ll find more women celebs with different Tones who also share a classic style to post up soon.

If you read one post here, make it this one

Is tanning good or bad? Bad. But what about sun exposure in general? The sun may not burn you instantly, but the collagen damage happens- even through windows.
Do naturally darker people have more protection against wrinkles? Nope. Dark skin has an SPF rating of 2.  Read on to learn how it works, and how you can help yourself;

UVR rays are split into three categories; UVR UVA AND UVC.

UVC are mostly depleted through the earths atmosphere, needless to say that UVA and UVB reach our skin in large amounts and are the ones that cause the most harm. UVA rays are what age you essentially.
UVB rays are the ones that burn the skin, it has considerable capacity to cause harm in the form of blisters. However the earth is bombarded with 100 times as many UVA rays as UVB, so while UVA is weaker, it has an enormous impact.

The sun is the strongest between 10am and 2pm so try to avoid being outside at that time and remember that clouds filter some, not all, of the UVR rays. Cement, water and snow reflect UVR rays giving your skin a double whammy.
Interestingly enough, UVB rays cannot get through glass so you can’t get burnt near a window or in a car. However UVA rays do get through, so sitting next to a window during the day offers no UVA protection at all. Sunglasses are different (explained later).

There is no such thing as a safe tan. Actually all exposure to the sun damages the skin. Most people think that sun damage only occurs when you lay out and get a deep, dark tan. That is only part of the problem.  Sun damage occurs the second you leave the house. It may take some 20 minutes to get burned, others an hour, but the UVA rays that cause cancer and skin wrinkling will attack as soon as you are exposed to sunshine. It is the repeated sun exposure 365 days a year, just for a few minutes a day, that causes damage physically and aesthetically.

Back to tanning. Maybe you are fair or dark, but any shade darker than your natural colour is harming your skin. A tan is the skin’s response to sun damage, and while you may think a tan looks nice, it is not nice for the skin. Melanocytes are the skin cells than contain the browning pigment, melanin. These brown cells determine a persons natural skin tone. Surprisingly, the difference between the lightest skin colour and the darkest is only a tiny amount. With exposure to the sun, the melanocytes produce more melanin, and the tanned skin is the result. A tan provides an SPF of only 2. So there isn’t any way a tan can be considered healthy. Because melanin isn’t a very reliable sunscreen, dark skinned people will suffer negative effects from sun exposure. Skin cancer is less likely, but wrinkling and ashen skin colour is certain. Tanning beds are just as bad as the sun if not worse, by the way. Isn’t that self evident anyway? If the skin is brown, it’s trying to protect itself. The same cells are being attacked and activated hence the pigmentation. It doesn’t matter what marketing ploys the tanning salon owners will tell you. It’s about money to them, not your health.

You can tell the people who have spent time in the sun (Layne Beachly, surfers) from the ones who haven’t (usually europeans) by the time they are in their late twenties and hit the 30 mark. It hits them like a tsunami, and as the collagen decreases naturally, the history of sun damage appears. I’d rather be young looking and pale (or fake tanned) than blotchy and tanned when I’m 28. There is a limit to how much you can tan anyway, since the melocytes cells can’t be activated over and over, and it eventually becomes discoloration.

The most damning result of sun exposure is that it does damage to the entire system, beyond the problems that eventually take place on the skins surface. The Langerhans cells in the epidermis prevent bacteria from attacking the system and prevent cell mutation, making these cells indispensable to good health. Yet a few minutes of sun exposure can damage the L cells in ways that last for weeks.
In addition to damaging the immune system, the sun directly attacks the collagen structure of the skin, changing it from a cohesive network of support into a disorderly, weakened mass. While the sun is busy destroying collagen and the L cells, it thickens the skin, chokes off the blood supply and reduces elasticity.

So sunscreen is the first and foremost best defense against wrinkles Period. Let me say that again: It’s important! Daily application of a sunscreen (whether it’s in a moisturizer or a foundation) rated SPF 15 or greater is critical to preventing new wrinkles and keeping existing lines from deepening each year. Ignoring this fundamental principle and focusing instead on the myriad anti-aging claims on product labels is an open invitation for more wrinkles, skin discolorations, and potentially, skin cancer.  No anti-ageing products for your skin will work if you ignore the importance of or are not diligent about applying sunscreen daily. On your arms, chest and neck, always. Apply it twice. People often don’t apply it thick enough.

Ongoing use of an effective, broad-spectrum sunscreen allows skin to reap maximum benefit from “anti-aging” products. Skin is also better able to repair itself, has a stronger immune response, and will maintain its firmness years longer than it will for those who disregard sun protection or, even worse, continue to tan, whether in the sun or in a tanning salon, and the latter is much worse than getting a tan from the sun.

When applying makeup with sunscreen, surprisingly sunscreen should be the last thing you apply- after moisturizer and foundation, otherwise you break the protection apart.
I also strongly suggest avoiding sunscreen with Nano-particles, and opting for ones with mostly Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide. I’ll dedicate a post to that very soon but basically Nano particles do to your skin basically what happens to the inside of an apple when you break the skin open. Because the chemicals are so tiny and absorb into the skin, the UV rays mix and mutate with the cells in the skin, sort of “oxidizing” your skin. The right sunscreen should sit ON your skin in a whitish layer, not be absorbed. Invisible Zinc is a great brand if you don’t know which is best.








Why my blog?

MY PERSONALITY IS IN MY POSTS, MY WRITING ISN’T ALWAYS DULL:  I never realised that the amazing thing about my blogspot and wordpress blogs is that I actually write on them.
And don’t just post photos of objects and pics of myself posing or whatever people call “journalism” these days. Well, self promotion is the real term, because it’s not writing. I don’t just stop at a few “this is that and that is this. I like this.” because I don’t talk like that. I write how I would speak. If you’re going to have a blog for the sake of having your face on the internet, and then pasting some words here and there to make it seem authentic, that just defeats the purpose of blogging. Bloggers are meant to be interesting, funny, thought provoking, brash, or just sweet and inspiring. Not everyone will agree with this but that’s my philosophy.

IT’S A PASSION, WITH NO UNDERLYING MOTIVES:  easy. I just love writing. All day, everyday I’m talking to myself in my head, sometimes at a very fast pace. Not every second, but at least 60 percent..  enough that’s it’s not crazy. So writing is just easy and fun for me. One idea branches off to another thought and so on and so forth. I don’t write here because I want to post my picture up everywhere and become a little Style Icon/Guru/Self-Proclaimed Lunch-box Celebrity, I write because I need an outlet and because I want to share my ideas.

PURPOSE : Primarily, share things with people. It actually was something I was reluctant to to do, because I thought it would be time consuming and pointless, and it sort of is to some degree, but it’s also fun and I hope it gets better!
My blogs are entirely about sharing my knowledge of skin/body/makeup with my friends because there is so much incorrect information out there, and also because I want to shed light on what is a great buy and when it just becomes rampant, empty consumerism. I just make it known what is a con and what is worthwhile. I’m passionate about those things. Truth, really. I could never work in sales for that reason, I just hate lying to poor sods.
I want to make it known that’s it’s an honorable thing to not spend money of useless items, and instead use your creativity and brains to use what you have and make it amazing. If you buy expensive makeup and don’t even know how to apply it, it’s a waste. I’ve used black lipstick in a random bathroom for smokey eyes before because I was caught out with no spare eyeliner at a party. If you know how to work the artistry you can do it. Price is secondary to skill. Always. Especially with fake tan and hair dye.
I want everyone to stop having “Status Anxiety” because it’s bad for my world, it breeds competition and debt, jealousy and low self esteem. I’m sick of seeing girls competing over who paid more for what, and I want to start educating people on what REALLY MATTERS. I think that it’s beautiful to be healthy, I don’t find drug addictions sexy, I don’t find pathetic self destructive losers appealing at all. The trash glam image looks cool but it’s not practical.
Having been prone to depression and anxiety myself, and seeing so many beautiful young girls just growing up into shallow, vapid people (I’ve been there too) makes me want to establish my own ideals that have helped me overcome my own depression, and ask questions I want girls to ask themselves.  I know a lot of young women self harm, have eating disorders, are on meds and two girls I have known actually commited suicide.  There is something wrong with our whole value system. Yet this is all talked about behind closed doors, and in the outside world it’s all back to the same old endless cycle of spending and feeling empty.
Knowing what I know, I don’t think making money is half as important as being happy. Selling lies to people for cash, when so many women suffer from low self esteem just seems wrong. Id rather be surrounded by happy women who are genuine people, than lots of money and bitchy women.
I’m going to be the first blogger I know of to make a beauty/makeup blog that isn’t kissing ass of some random brand. That isn’t about me making myself look better than you, by showing off my toys and clothes and making you feel like a poor piece of crap. I’m going to call out the bullshitters, turn the ideals on their heads, and strip it down to basics.
THIS IS GOING TO REALLY TRY AND AVOID BEING A SELF ABSORBED SELLOUT BLOG: This is easy. I’m not a chosen one, I shouldn’t be on a pedestal. In fact I have a bit of social anxiety and i’d be more likely to avoid meaningless encounters than flourish in them. I’m very much an introvert- I expend energy on being around people. I don’t feed off their energy like extroverts do, so it’s just too exhausting.
I also find interpersonal relationships tedious and boring. Small talk bores the crap out of me (unless it’s someone I actually want to impress) I don’t want to be “famous” in my Province, or be admired for blogging, I mean I’m not curing HIV here. I think it’s sort of distasteful to want to be admired for your work instead of doing it for a passion of writing, art, styling or photographing- whatever professionals may use blogs for. A lot of it self promotion sure, but are you promoting what you do, or are you just promoting yourself? Sooner or later they do realize that they need to differentiate their blog. And blogging is also about changing, I would hope. We may start doing one thing and let it evolve into something greater.

You don’t fool me with your Superficial Self Expression.

“There is no such thing as a totally original idea. Humans are bio-chemical machines. All information had to of come from somewhere.”

I hear a lot about Self Expression through clothes. I won’t say fashion, because Fashion is reflective of the times, not the individual- this is seperate from that. It refers to the people that generally mean “dressing to fit into a mould”, and if it is genuine self expression then I have never really applied myself to it, because there is no frikin way you could express my thoughts and background and dreams and ideas through some outfit variation. It would either make me look emotionally limited or just crazy. I dislike both those appearances.
What exactly am I meant to express? Political views? Income? Sexuality? Lifestyle?  In a way we sort of express those things anyway, naturally, without even thinking. Why try so hard to be ourselves?

Expression through clothing, hair, tattoos and peircings is something I grasp to the extent that it is rational. I dress like a pretty normal person because I consider myself a pretty well-balanced girl. I like make-up and hair styling, I also like videogames, I get on with boys and girls, and I’m not snobby nor dero. I’m pretty liberal but not the point of madness. I’m not a hippie and I’m not a conservative. I have a little bit of everything in me, and consequently I tend to find all those “Labels” irrelevant, one dimensional and misleading.

I find that when you dress a certain way in order to fit the mould of a certain “type”, you trap yourself rather than liberate yourself, because people are constantly making judgements that are false. If you put all the aspects of my personality into an outfit.. well I don’t even see the point behind it. I don’t want to “prove” anything to anyone through clothing- and if I did, it would be extremely an limited canvas resulting in an extremely limited image.
I prefer to stay open- to all people, all situations, and not be hindered. Most people would agree with me, and probably do what I do. So I dress in a way that people can’t make any assumptions about me until we are face to face, talking. It’s not that I am incapable of dressing up, I just find it all very presumptuous.

There may be exceptions to my dress code, but I don’t find the process liberating, just confining.
This is how I see it: I’d rather have the respect of older people, intelligent people, than a group of gen Y’s who watch SKINS. Seriously who is harder to impress? Older, intelligent people are. They also don’t give a damn about your teen angst, they just see a tramp. They generally have a lot more respect, money and power than Gen-X’s-who-won’t-get-past-angst and teenagers. I know who’s side I am on, and I am dressing to impress them, if anyone.
This should just about justify my reasoning.

When it comes to dressing with some self expression, don’t stress out because you aren’t “expressed” enough. What the? You totally are. What hell does that even mean? EVERYONE dresses to express themselves. Even if it’s “I don’t give a damn.. no really I don’t”. When you put effort into your I don’t care costume you just counteract the purpose by caring, with dark lipstick, perfect hair, eye makeup, tatts and nail polish, right? Obviously you are not only concerned; but your fucking anxious about how you appear- how erm, ‘punk’ of you? Unless you are for social change which you most likely aren’t, stop pretending.

Your outfit doesn’t wear you, it’s there to keep your bits in place and make you look stylish, not make some statement about what you like about pop culture. Let people see your values and ideas after speaking to you, not glancing at you- it doesn’t work the other way.
It’s well advised to leave a part of yourself open to interperation, so you can face anyone. People will fill those “blanks” on your canvas in, with whatever they choose to see.
Don’t be afraid of blending. You will never really blend in- people will always see you and make assumptions, just give them an option of how you want them to see you. If you force it down their throat with a certain look then you have limited yourself, and you will now be judged a certain way.

If you are getting lost, I suggest that your choose things that flatter you- because beauty never goes unappreciated- and pick a few things to express your personality too. Or your mood, should I say, because our personalities are so much more complex than “Gothic” or “Gangster” or “Nerd”. You are a lot more interesting than that! … Or maybe not. That’s why you dress like people from SKINS. That means you are very unoriginal, not interesting, geez louise.

But because someone else doesn’t dress in chains or looks buff, that doesn’t mean they aren’t tough. They could be strong and some kind of master of fighting. Or would just beat your ass regardless. Just because someone doesn’t look punk or emo, doesn’t mean they haven’t attempted suicide or done some hard drugs. The guy carrying the briefcase probably snorted more lines than you ever would. The crazy nerd looking dude probably is way more gifted at art than the art fag chick in the mary jane shoes. She is probably more conservative than the guy in the suit, with the briefcase who snorts the cocaine. The guy in the band is probably just a socially inept wannabe who never got laid in highschool and now wants to be famous. Hey, nothing wrong with any of that. Just chill out about projecting images onto people because you will always be wrong.

Cheap VS Expensive

It is a total fallacy that expensive products are better than cheap ones.
After years of testing and trying I picked up on some inconsistencies. Why wasn’t my 40 dollar hair product working? What do these ingredients do anyway and do they work? Here are some things I discovered after reading into the REAL science behind the claims, despite all those lying salespeople who have no clue what they are on about:

I needed some hair repair magic. I was willing to pay for it, and I was sold Redken Extreme Shampoo and Conditioner for my malnourished hair. The lady claimed it would add protein to my hair shaft that would become noticeable over a few months of regular use (I was skeptical).  What she didn’t mention, is that the molecules would be too large to penetrate my hair and the SLS would undo all the healing anyway, further damaging my hair. An egg yolk would of done a better job.
What makes a good shampoo is not what it contains, but what it doesn’t contain.
So be like me and go Sulfate free! It bloody works. I used to overload my hair on conditioners after I would use brand name shampoos in order to restore the moisture, and now after I wash my hair with my organic shampoo I am able to use cheap conditioner and no leave in products and my hair is still shiny (considering how much I have blowtorched it, it has healed enormously!). The joico conditioners are still amazing on top of the organic shampoos though that’s another story.

Dior I found to be clumpy, more so than the Lash flirt which is about a year old and still kickin’t it. Maybe it’s the plastic brush, but wow Rimmel makes my lashes look long and luscious and perfectly even. Dior made them like spider legs. Thick, yes, but I prefer naturally long over the 1920’s stage actress look.
C’mon guys. It’s mascara. It’s black ink that sticks to the existing lashes on your face- how long they are naturally is mainly about genetics. An extra 50 dollars won’t attach more hairs to your face, especially not 50 dollars worth. It’s really about common sense. Do you think a mascara is going to be able to EXTEND your lashes towards the sky? Well I have news for you: If you really want huge lashes, just buy some fake lashes like they use in the commercials.

Napoleon Auto Pilot Primer is slippery and makes oily skin break out. If you have large pores it will pool in there and exacerbate the condition. It it simply far too oily. Rimmel Recover is wonderful, only needs to be used sparingly, and surprisingly makes pores appear smaller and keeps your makeup firmly belted to your face like a captain going down with his ship.

Perhaps my young skin is too oily for the so called Revlon Breathable Makeup (what does that even mean when it’s slathered on anyway.. obviously the coverage is bad), but it says that the skin breathes with this makeup on. I found it slipping off very quickly and actually made my skin uneven and slightly bumpy after a days wear. So basically it means that yes, the coverage is just shit. Not only did it look bad, but ironically my skin was suffocating under there! Otherwise I wouldn’t of become all shiny so soon after application. Why do they lie to me! 😦
Clinique Blemish Solutions is an oil absorbing foundation and a GOD SEND. It’s staying power is incredible and shine free. I love it! Apply with some loose powder and you could sit through a heat wave (or a rampant night on the town) with that stuff in tact.